Psychology Research Topics for Undergraduate Students

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Psychology professors are tough to deal with, and they always expect students to write them something extraordinary. For some, writing a research paper may not be as hard as finding a good research topic. A unique and comprehensive topic would ensure good grades. If you write an essay well enough you may end up continuously doing research on it. It will help an essay writer to find his research topic in masters or even doctoral research. Once you have decided on a topic then you are good to go and start writing about it.

While doing a psychology essay it is good for you to link your topic from one of the previously given theories about behavioral or cognitive psychology. Your research may include multiple theories and the topic could be from within the psychological discipline. Students in a fresh year college may find it difficult to understand psychology altogether because it is a unique discipline.

Finding a new topic for research is slightly difficult because it requires consultation with instructors. For that purpose, I am listing down some psychology research topics for you that I am sure these would be helpful for your research essays. If you still find it difficult to write an essay then you can contact a legit online essay writing service.

Topics for Developmental Psychology

  1. Four stages of intellectual growth
  2. Short term memory loss: a symptom of old age
  3. The relation between memory and age
  4. Developmental disabilities and the role of genetics
  5. Role of parents in a child’s behavioral development
  6. Modern society and the changing role of gender
  7. Modern media
  8. Eating breakfast and child performance in school

Topics about Child Psychology

  1. How to maintain a child’s mental health?
  2. Is child obesity linked with parental negligence?
  3. Impacts of violent music on child’s health
  4. Saying ‘NO’ to child, positive and negative effects
  5. Effects of early childhood memories
  6. Children and effects of electronic devices
  7. Impacts of violent movies on the child’s health
  8. Children’s emotional development
  9. A narcissist mother: Impacts on child’s behavior

Topics in Social Psychology

  1. Depression and social cognition
  2. The steady rise of divorce
  3. Women’s dissatisfaction about their husbands
  4. Social norm violations and social reactions
  5. How to prevent psychological illnesses?
  6. Physical disabilities and the reaction of society
  7. How to detect when people are lying?
  8. Hate crimes and impacts on the community
  9. How to prevent hate crimes?
  10. Positive and negative impacts of social interaction
  11. Introvert vs. extrovert a strange phenomenon
  12. Impacts of racial violence on society
  13. How to prevent racial violence?
  14. Is racial violence is related to cognition or consciousness?
  15. Origin of phobias
  16. How to handle stress, depression, and anxiety?
  17. Rising suicidal behavior in society
  18. The rising number of homeless people
  19. Effects of social isolation on mental health
  20. Ethics of abortion
  21. Should abortion be allowed?
  22. Is abortion a new form of murder?
  23. Is the media responsible for glorifying suicidal behavior among youngsters?

Controversial Topics

  1. Effects of homosexuality on community
  2. Ethics in Milgram experiment
  3. Ethics of using social media
  4. Is it ethical to make online friends?
  5. When a parent is a perpetrator?
  6. Child sexual abuse: who is responsible?
  7. How to prevent sexual abuse?
  8. Changing nature of sexual abuse
  9. Should pornography be banned?
  10. Does pornography lead to rape?
  11. Child sexual abuse and its link with child pornography
  12. Women: Victims of domestic violence
  13. Why are women more prone to face men’s wrath?
  14. Online dating and its effects of youngsters
  15. Psychology of sex workers
  16. Religious and ethical explanation of gay adoption
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