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Why are you here? Let me guess, your instructor has asked you to submit a critical essay and you have no idea how to do it. Well, I got your back. In the following discussion, you would be able to get an idea of how to effectively write a critical essay.

Critical essays, also known as analytical essays, are one of the most common types of assignments in high-schools and colleges. In a critical essay, you are supposed to read or watch the given source, understand, and then evaluate it, without any biases. Many of the students often have the wrong idea that critical essays are about focusing on the negative but in reality, it is not true. While writing a critical essay, you should keep in mind that it could be positive or negative depending on your evaluation. But whatever your claim is, you should be able to support it with evidence.

Structure of a Critical Essay

Unlike the expository essay, a critical essay is a bit tricky. In critical essays, one has to analyze the given source and explain it. However, the essay structure of a critical essay is simple like the other essays. It also has three parts:

  • Introduction: an introduction is the most crucial part of the essay and it represents the whole essay. In the introduction, you introduce the topic and give out your thesis statement. To catch the interest of the reader, you are supposed to begin the introduction with a bewitching, attention-grabbing hook statement. Afterward, you are to write a summary of the given source. In the end, you will provide a concise and precise thesis statement.
  • Body: in the body paragraphs you will explain your evaluation of the given source. While writing the body paragraphs, an essay writer should keep in mind that each paragraph should be dedicated to one main point of the essay. Every single of the arguments that you make in the body paragraphs should be relevant and supportive of the thesis statement. Moreover, these arguments should be supported by your research. And try to maintain coherence throughout the body part, otherwise, readers would lose interest.
  • Conclusion: in conclusion, you will restate and reinforce the thesis statement that you wrote in the introduction. Afterward, wrap up all the main points that you have written in the body paragraphs. Never mention a new point in the concluding paragraph.

If all this sounds too much work and you are worried that you might get bad grades. You might wonder why don’t I pay someone to write my essay? Paying someone to write your essay would be better than risking your grades. I bet that many of your peers are using an essay writing service.

Critical essay Examples

Most of the time, critical essays are assigned by English teachers, where you are either asked to write a critical or analytical essay on a book, author, or a movie, etc. However, the instructors of other subjects like that of history class might ask you to write a critical essay on some historical events. The point is you can have a wide range of critical essay topics depending on your subjects. Here are some examples of critical essay topics that you might want to write on if your instructor has given you the liberty to choose your own topic

  • Impact of COVID-19 on your school life
  • Social media and mental health
  • Drug abuse among teenagers
  • Racism
  • American Revolution

Remember to do thorough research on these topics before you choose one. There you have it. Now you can craft a mind-blowing, A-grade essay.

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