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Let’s just face it, owing to the latest technological advancements people are relying more on technology and our life revolves around various elements of technology. Similarly, in today’s academic arena the sudden spike in technology has become an inevitable part of the academic journey of students.

Regardless of your enrollment in STEM subjects, an essay writer will be required to write an essay on topics related to science and technology. Did your professor tell you to write an essay based on the topic of your choice but limited you to pick the topics related to science and technology? If yes, then you are at the right place and that so at the right time.

Typically, to look for a topic students take help from the internet because we rely on the internet a lot. However, when you look for a topic on the net you will be bombarded with multiple essay topics that make it difficult for you to select the best one.

If you are looking for an essay writing topic, then I am here to help you out. Below are 70+ essay topics on science and technology that I have shortlisted for you, from which you can select the one that interests you the most.

  1. Video commanded robot wheelchair
  2. Smart alarm system
  3. Cybersecurity in smart grid
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Malware attack
  6. Bitcoins and blockchain
  7. Innovative technologies
  8. Smart houses
  9. 3D printing
  10. 3D computer chips
  11. What is ZigBee?
  12. Technology and the global economy
  13. Role of technology in car manufacturing
  14. Hydraulic brake system
  15. Online classes and the internet
  16. Digital divide: causes and consequences
  17. Renewable energy
  18. Electricity and windmills
  19. Working of wind turbines
  20. Electric cars
  21. Hydrogen cars
  22. Inner working of an atomic bomb
  23. Movement of electrons
  24. What is a black hole?
  25. String theory
  26. Purpose of planetary science
  27. Falcon 8: A dream that came true
  28. Geo-stationary satellites
  29. Evolution of mobile generations
  30. 4G WiMAX
  31. Evolution of space shuttles
  32. The first 50 years of the space age
  33. How to determine the age of radioactive elements?
  34. Implications of Newton’s laws of force in daily life
  35. Relevancy of the issue of space debris
  36. Ecological issues associated with space
  37. What are white holes?
  38. History of spacecraft
  39. Advantages of drones
  40. Working of drones
  41. Space weapons: are they real?
  42. How a rocket is constructed?
  43. How does artificial satellite works?
  44. Classifications of space crafts
  45. Sputnik Vs Apollo
  46. Causes and consequences of space exploration
  47. Face ID technology
  48. Working of modern automobiles
  49. Leonardo da Vinci’s contribution to technological advancements
  50. Usage of nanotechnologies in medicine field
  51. What are asteroids?
  52. Robots and their use in industries
  53. Nanotechnologies in biology
  54. Oil drilling technologies
  55. Ethical issues associated with cloning technologies
  56. Robots and humanity
  57. Explain pasteurization
  58. Artificial intelligence
  59. The working mechanism of bullet trains
  60. Recombinant DNA technologies
  61. Tech wars
  62. ICT automation
  63. What is Bionics
  64. What is Sono-cytology?
  65. Describe zero gravity
  66. Genetic engineering
  67. Android Vs IOS
  68. Satellite projection
  69. History of artificial intelligence
  70. Artificial intelligence and game theory
  71. Is artificial intelligence a threat to human force?
  72. Space launch simulation
  73. How astronauts’ safety dresses are designed?
  74. E-accessibility and its implications
  75. DBMS system
  76. Trends on ICT
  77. Humans in ICT

Have you skimmed through the above list? Did you find the topic that interests you the most? If yes, then start gathering data and kick start the writing process. If you are still unable to pick a topic, then don’t worry you can try hiring a professional essay writing service. Yes, you heard me right. Hire a professional writer who can not only help you in selecting a topic but can even craft an essay for you and that so in the given deadline. All you have to do is share instructions and then sit back and relax.

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