Making Your Holocaust Essay Persuasive

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This is a sensitive subject for many people, and there are a variety of beliefs and viewpoints floating around about the holocaust. So be careful in your holocaust essay to be careful about the delicacies surrounding this subject.

How to build and use an outline for your essay

When you are researching for information for your essay, take a lot of notes and write down the reference where they came from. These notes are the ideal building blocks of your holocaust essay outline. Each subheading in the outline can be a major point you uncovered in your research.

Sometimes your teacher or instructor will give you a set of holocaust essay prompts. These are questions or points to think about. They prompt you to write the answers to them, and that’s how your essay comes into being. To use your outline, start organizing all your literature and data under each subheading. Kind of like fitting blocks together. When you are done, construct each section into paragraphs and fill in the blanks with your essay writing. Your holocaust essay introduction is the first thing the reader sees. It should be captivating and intriguing.

How do you discover the best topic to write about?

Ideas you can use for holocaust essay topics are available on the internet. Many university sites or other writing sites provide lists of topics that you can use to find what you want to write on. Once you have a topic, it’s time to narrow it down to a thesis statement or research question. To get started, here are some examples of topics:

  • The debate between functionalism and intentionalism. Did Hitler decide on mass murder to avoid a large immigration process of the Jews or had he decided ahead of time that he would resort to mass murder? Historians have a continuing debate over this question.
  • What motivated the executioners to carry out their chilling deeds?
  • The Nazis killed other innocent civilians in addition to the large number of Jews. Their story has been mostly forgotten. What about these almost 5 million “others”?
  • There were other methods of extermination besides the gas chambers.
  • The medical experiments carried out on unwilling victims.
  • Could something like the Holocaust happen again? Where and why?
  • The finishing touches that make a great essay

You have written your essay according to the outline you made, and now you are ready to polish it up and put on the finishing touches. Don’t go skimpy on this step; it’s what sets the awesome essays apart from the mediocre ones.

  1. Read and edit. In this step, read over your essay and look for errors in logic or missing data. Ensure that all your statements are supported with evidence you gathered in the research stage.
  2. Revise and re-read. What works best is to get an outside pair of eyes (another writer) to read your essay and see if they find any faults. Correct them and re-read your essay. Does it sound pretty good?
  3. Proofreading. Now that the logic and flow of ideas is all taken care of, it’s time to correct all the spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Congratulations! You have crafted a great essay. leo.

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