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Persuasive Essay Topics from a Leading Essay Service

Persuasive essays are the most commonly assigned essays. Persuasive essay topics are assigned in all types of classes and they often rely on the writer conducting some research. Many high school students have to write persuasive essays when they apply to college, too.

These are some of great persuasive essay topics:

  1. Should schools offer money as an incentive for good test scores?
  2. Should students be allowed to use their cell phones at school?
  3. Should health insurance companies pay for health club memberships?

Fun persuasive essay topics are ones that make students think. The topics do not have to include humor, but they need to be topics that students are passionate about and can answer from either side. All too often, persuasive essay topics do not appeal to high school students. Some of the topics that interest students include:

  1. Should schools teach kindness?
  2. Should teens under 18 be allowed to see R-rated movies without an adult?
  3. Should schools assign summer homework?
  4. Should public schools take all students who live inside of the district?

Colleges often require applicants to write persuasive essays. The college persuasive essay topics do not vary much from school to school, for example:

  1. Is diversity necessary for a good education?
  2. Why should we admit you to our school?
  3. Why is community service important in today’s world?
  4. Is there a generation gap? Explain.

When teachers select top persuasive essay topics, writers can create papers that readers enjoy reading. Writing is a form of communication, so when something is written, it should be read. If a writer is bored with a topic, the reader will have an equally boring experience reading the persuasive essay. This is why it is so important for teachers and students to select good essay topics.

Our essay writing professionals know how to write the persuasive essay following the common formats with counterarguments that many teachers require. Our seasoned writers create essays from scratch, guaranteeing that the persuasive essay you buy from us will be 100% unique. You can trust that FreeEssayWriters will keep your information completely private and our writers deliver the essays via email. You will never have to worry about plagiarism with our free plagiarism report. We also provide free revisions. If you persuasive essay requires some research, our writers will also include a bibliography and MLA, APA, or Chicago Style documentation to meet the essay requirements.


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