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Your essay in architecture will encompass some kind of topic of your choice related either to a certain style of architecture or perhaps the style employed by a world renowned architect. Make sure your essay thesis is narrow enough that you can fully cover it and make a good support to it in the body of the architecture essay.

The design of your essay

Designing a good essay can be likened to designing a building. There are integral parts that all must work together both to give structural support and also to add visual appeal. So you can think of yourself as the architect of your essay. You can even look at architecture essay examples.

Design features of the perfect essay:

  • Use an outline. Create the outline before you start writing anything. This is the plan for your essay and will guide you as to what you need to write next. The outline is really the foundation and everything else is built on it.
  • Be specific as opposed to being too general. General arguments are weak and don’t hold up to criticism well. Each example that you use should be in support of your thesis.
  • Use impressive but not excessive vocabulary. It should sound normal and natural. A few good words, well-chosen and carefully placed really set your essay apart from everyone else’s.
  • Sample essays are available to use as an example of what your own should look like.
  • Write a compelling opening paragraph and a stunning summary for the final paragraph.

Troublesome topics and why they don’t work

The biggest problem students usually find themselves in when writing essays is trying to use architecture essay topics that are too general, too broad. They must be narrow and specific so that a very definite thesis statement or question can be adequately addressed in the essay.

Troublesome topics:

  • University building design: a modern architecture essay
  • Essence of Roman Architecture essay
  • Elizabethan Era Architecture
  • Erecting a tower
  • Designing a commercial office building
  • The Peterborough Cathedral
  • The castles of Ireland
  • Architecture in 19th Century England
  • The designs of Adolf Loos
  • The drawings of Aldo Rossi

As you can see, these topics are much too broad. They must be narrowed down and a specific thesis question drawn out of them to become a good essay question. As is, it would literally take volumes of written work to complete each one.

What are the tips to a great essay?

Follow these quick tips to make your essay a winner:

  1. Start early. This gives you more time to conduct comprehensive research and polish up your writing.
  2. Take lots of notes when reading. You could have your essay half written using the notes. You can fill in the rest later.
  3. Make sure to construct and follow an outline. This gives you a guideline to follow.
  4. Write a great opening and closing paragraph. These are the main parts that a reader pays attention to and remembers.
  5. Get a good proofreading and editing done. It’s best if someone else does this part for you. Sometimes you can read and re-read your own mistakes and not even realize they are there.
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