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You were tasked with doing a marketing essay writing? You’re in for a rough time when comes to interesting marketing essay topics to keep the reader’s attention. This means more pressure is put on you to churn this into gold and not just complete the essay. If you’ve heard someone discuss their job in marketing—or accounting for that matter—it’s not the most interesting thing to listen to. Imagine having to read it.

If you’re looking to simply inform, then you’re in luck. There are several topics to go into with marketing. You could do fashion marketing essays, automotive marketing essays, or an international marketing essay. There are many areas that marketing can be applied to that you could focus your essay on.

Topics to Use for Your Essay

Marketing essay questions will help you come up with a thesis statement. Just reflect and ask a question of that particular area of marketing. Making an observation can also help you come up with a thesis statement for your paper. Coming up with a topic isn’t difficult at all, really. Just research and ask questions, that’s all to it.

Marketing essay topics:

  • Exploratory research;
  • Descriptive research;
  • Market segmentation;
  • Strategy;
  • Buyer behavior;
  • Customer orientation and organization orientation (herd behavior, employer branding, permission marketing, etc.);
  • Planning process;
  • Predictive research;
  • Conclusive research;
  • Customer confusion;
  • Technology in marketing.

How to Handle Your Essay

Research and writing is what takes up the majority of your time doing a thesis paper and is the most important part of getting it done. When it comes to priority between the two, you can put research above the actual writing portion. While writing produces the finished product, nothing starts with research.

The major thing to cover in the drafting stage is forming your thesis statement. It’s important that this is done since it’s what you’re your essay will hinge on. You’ll want a good thesis statement, it doesn’t matter how simple your observation is, as long as it’s formed into a strong statement. Remember anything can be summed up in one question. Look at marketing and ask yourself a question about it.

Next you’ll want to work on your introduction and closing. Normally you’ll want to work on your paper in order, but since the closing is your selling part as well as a kind of review of the entire essay, you can finish this as well as the introduction before getting started on the body of the essay. It would help if you knew how strong your essay is to build your closing on, but by doing the closing first, it takes the pressure of doing a strong body for the essay off of you. It doesn’t regulate the body of the essay to merely fluff or filling since the important facts that support your point are all here, but getting the two important parts out of the way will give you time to focus on structuring the rest of your paper.

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