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At FreeEssayWriters we like to keep an eye on trends in essays, and there’s one thing we’ve noticed; argument essays are as popular as ever. It’s easy to see why, of course. By getting students to discuss a topic and come to a conclusion on it a teacher can get them to show how good they are at taking in information, reasoning about it and explaining where they stand on the issue. By choosing proposal argument essay topics they can have students come up with a suggested solution, too.

While the format itself remains popular, many argumentative essay topics come and go. Current political issues are always a good choice, and they tend to change frequently. Others are longer lasting. Moral issues tend to be favorites and we’ve seen some of those hanging around for years. That’s not a bad thing, of course, but it can mean that you’re writing an essay that thousands of people have written before.

Argumentative essay topics are often set as part of your assignment, which sort of restricts your options. It does mean you can get straight to your essay instead of having to work out what to write about, but choosing your own topic has advantages too. Among others, you can pick one you’re interested in.

Of course some people find it hard to think of an interesting subject, so here are our suggestions for ten good argument essay topics:

  • Do violent films and games cause behavior problems?
  • Are children becoming too commercialized?
  • Does the death penalty deter criminals?
  • Does teaching abstinence prevent teen pregnancy?
  • Do professional athletes earn too much?
  • Are children too concerned with fashion?
  • Does college cost too much?
  • Is socialized medicine a good idea?
  • Should evolution be taught in public schools?
  • Are children allowed cell phones when they’re still too young?

Choosing an Argument for your Paper

As you might have noticed, good argument essay topics tend to be controversial. That’s because it’s hard to present good arguments if both sides don’t have strong points. Of course these issues aren’t controversial everywhere; if you live in the UK there wouldn’t be much point writing about teaching evolution in schools, because that argument has been over in Britain for a hundred years. Pick one that suits where you live!

If you’re still finding it hard to come up with something, don’t worry; just get in touch with FreeEssayWriters and one of our assignment writers will work with you to find controversial or proposal argument essay topics for you. If you’re really having trouble we’ll even write the essay for you. There’s nothing controversial about saying that’s a good idea!

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