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Personal essays are a favourite in English classes, and have been for years. They’re a great way to get students to write about something they should be experts on – themselves – so the focus of the essay is on their ability to explain things instead of on facts they’ve learned.

Surprising as it is, though, many people find it hard to think of personal essay topics. It’s not that people don’t know about themselves; they just can’t think of anything that seems interesting. At FreeEssayWriters we’ve helped many people come up with good personal essay topics, though, and we’ve learned one vital fact; everyone has several interesting essays in them.

If you’re struggling to come up with something to write about, have a look at our suggested personal essay topics. There’s a good chance you’ll find something here that gives you an idea:

  • A person who inspires you;
  • Your favorite family vacation;
  • How you met your best friend;
  • A lesson that changed your life;
  • The first book you remember reading;
  • Something about yourself you’d like to change;
  • The day one of your
  • dreams came true;
  • The worst social error of your life;
  • The first time you fell in love;
  • Your best ever surprise;

In fact we’re willing to bet there are seven or eight things on that list you could write about. Everyone’s lives are different, but most of us have similar experiences. That’s what makes reading about other people so interesting; how we can relate their lives to our own. Good personal essay topics bring out these experiences so we can share them with others.

Of course, many people just aren’t good at writing essays. You might have a great idea of something to write about but you’re not confident in your ability to put it down on paper. If that sounds like you, FreeEssayWriter can help you.

Unlike many low quality writing services we use a team of professional writers, and part of our service is that you can choose your own writer from our pool of talent. You can also keep in touch with them right through the writing process, which is perfect if you want someone to write about your experience and get it right in every detail. Whether it’s suggesting personal essay topics or writing your essay for you, FreeEssayWriters can help you produce the perfect account of your experience. Get in touch today and let us know what you need.

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