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Religion essays can be quite the task to take on, but aren’t totally impossible to complete. Your essay writing on religion will require a good deal of research so time management is extremely important. Religion often offers thought provoking topics as well as informative ones, but it will be up to you to make it entertaining to the reader. If your goal is just to make this paper informative, you should be able to get through it easily enough since there’s plenty of historical and statistics concerning religion as well as whatever else you can find. Religion can also be a very controversial topic at times, so there’s a bit of an interest factor there should you pursue it.

On the subject of time management, start on your paper as early as possible to ensure that the important research and drafting stages of your essay have an even amount of time to dedicate to both. This allows for less stress in the editing stage of your essay.

General Topics for Your Essay

The easiest way to shave through your essay on religion is simply to ask questions. There is no topic that can’t be summed up in a few questions. These questions could also serve as the basis for your thesis statement. Research is key to finding out what is worth writing about when it comes to religion essays or any essay for that matter.

Below are a few general religion essay topics to explore further:

  • Religious groups
  • Development of religions
  • Controversies in religion
  • Cults
  • New Age
  • Atheism
  • Religious policies towards health
  • Women and religion
  • Social constructs of religion
  • Superstition

How to Actually Write Your Essay

The actual writing phase of your essay can be as painful or painless as you want it to be and it all depends on the amount of time you’ve got between the moment you start writing and the time the paper is due. Your thesis statement will be the nucleus of your paper. Make sure you have a strong enough thesis statement for your essay to ride on. This will help to make your essay as a whole strong and will result in a powerful closing statement. If the weight of your essay is great and everything has been addressed, the pace is even, and so on, there will be little pressure to nail your closing statement.

Another tip is to simply do the introduction—which will focus on your thesis statement—and your closing first. You’re already aware of what the body of your essay will include, so you can write a closing that covers the essay as well as sell your point. You’ve essentially tackled the two parts of the writing stage that will have you revising for a while. The body of the essay—which contains the facts and so on to support your point—will be much easier to take on as a result.


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