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Nature is a topic that has a decent amount to work with across the board. Unfortunately, you’re not likely to get an entertaining nature essay although a human nature essay could turn up something amusing. Other than that, you’re looking at most facts and stats which will serve nicely for the body of your essay.

Essays about nature tend to be mainly for a field of study revolving around that, so you’ll really have to search to find essay examples to use. Nature isn’t exactly a hot subject overall to write on, but if you’re in the field of study you’ll have to do it eventually and that means the pressure is mainly on you to pull diamonds from this lump of coal of a subject.

On the bright side, there are plenty of nature essay topics to work with. If you want to go ambitious with your essay on nature, try an Emerson nature essay. If you’re looking to simply get through this, stick to facts and don’t chase the flourish.

General Topics for Your Essay

Let’s just dive right into topics you can research to find material on for your nature essay. Remember, research is the most important phase in the essay writing process and you’ll do it often while working on one essay. After you’ve researched everything, you’ll want to ask questions as a means to find your thesis, then form that thesis into a statement to hang your essay on.

Common essay topics to use for an essay:

  • Geology;
  • Atmosphere, climate, and weather;
  • Geological evolution;
  • Bodies of water;
  • Ecosystems;
  • Landforms;
  • Evolution;
  • Flora and fauna;
  • Humans’ relationship with nature;
  • Pollution.

As you can see, there isn’t much to work with as far as an entertaining, attention grasping essay would go. There are some that could get controversial such as evolution and to a far lesser extent our relationship with nature, but you’re really digging here.

How to Actually Write Your Essay

There really isn’t anything to writing a paper: remember the format your teacher wants and keep your writing within that. You’ll want to make sure to include plenty of facts between your introduction and closing, but write them in a way that the reader wouldn’t just be better off putting down your paper and picking up a textbook. You’ll want a strong introduction that gives a brief preview of what the paper will go into and a strong closing that reviews the paper and revisits your point. A good idea to tackling this is to simply do the introduction and closing first in the drafting stage, put that aside, then use your time crafting the body of your essay. Once you’re done with that, put it together and shape everything up. Slap your bibliography and make sure to have citations and your essay in nature is finished.

Remember, an essay isn’t as difficult as it seems. It only becomes difficult when time is wasted and you have very little to use on your essay.


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