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Your healthcare essay is an essential component of the course you are taking; workers in the healthcare industry are often required to write many reports. It is essential to become very proficient at writing. Healthcare essays will be about the subject of preserving mental health and physical health, either by prevention or by health professionals treating the illness or disease.

What are the standards to follow in essay writing?

How are healthcare essays different from or similar to other types of essays? Are there accepted standards that must be followed?

Your essay writing will be similar to other types of academic essays in that you will follow the same format. It should have an attention grabbing title, a captivating opening paragraph, a body and a concluding paragraph that summarizes the main points of the essay. As for style standards in referencing, check with your instructor or college and find out what style you are expected to use.

As with all top level essays, your healthcare essay should be error-free and use intelligent language. Try to include vocabulary that is unique to your field of study, and common to the healthcare industry.

Choosing an interesting topic to write about

If you are not assigned a topic, you can choose almost anything you want to write about healthcare. The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas for healthcare essay topics that you might find interesting. Remember to narrow down within the topic to find a thesis statement or research question that you can adequately clarify and resolve within the designated page count requirement.

  • Discuss one attribute of what you think comprises a good healthcare system. Does your nation’s healthcare system meet that expectation? Why or why not?
  • Drug safety and the responsibility of drug manufacturers in taking necessary steps to ensure drug safety. Are they up to par? What still needs to be done?
  • Are there cultural barriers to obtaining proper healthcare? What can be done to ease these barriers?
  • Healthcare in under developed countries – what do they have access to?
  • How can developed countries assist in strengthening the healthcare systems of countries whose residents don’t have access to simple care such as common medicines?
  • Professionalism and ethics in healthcare.
  • Healthcare reform and costs to average citizens.
  • Healthcare for school age children – is it adequate?

Tips to producing a really great essay

  1. Do a lot of reading in your field of study. There’s no better way to recognize good writing than to read other people’s good writing.
  2. Practice writing. Don’t be afraid to put pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard, whichever you feel is more comfortable. The more you write the better writer you will become.
  3. Organize your written work. When your research is complete and you have taken copious amounts of notes, organize them into a logical flow. This will help you construct an outline and the main structure for your essay.
  4. Clarity. Write in clear, easy to understand language and be exacting in your choice of words.
  5. Revise, edit and proofread. Get someone else – a good writer preferably – to proofread for you and give you feedback. This is the polishing stage of your essay.
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