50+ Trending Research Paper Topics on Health and Wellness

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Are you looking around for help to write a research paper related to health and wellness? There are a lot of topics to consider while selecting topics for your paper. Choosing an appropriate one is a more complex and confusing task than actually writing a paper. You can always get help from an essay writer service in this regard.

If you are not sure about choosing an appropriate topic for your paper then you need not fret because I am here to help you out. It is important to understand the importance of the topic you are going to select. I will share more than 50 trending research paper topics on health and wellness for you. You simply skim through all these topics and choose the most accurate and accurate topic that interests an essay writer.

Trending Research Topics

  1. Cancer prevention
  2. Causes of Holiday Stress
  3. Awareness about Autism
  4. Exhaustion
  5. Diabetes awareness and treatment
  6. Cardio vs Weight Training
  7. Eye injury prevention
  8. Getting active
  9. Physical health and well being
  10. Wellbeing and health issues in adolescents
  11. Mental health and its wellbeing
  12. Is gluten harmful to people’s health?
  13. Why are more and more children diagnosed with ADHD?
  14. Can a healthy diet prevent depression?
  15. How does mental illness affect the eating habits of children?
  16. Causes of suicide?
  17. How to prevent mental illness amongst adolescents?
  18. Causes and cure of peanut allergy
  19. Pros and cons of vaccinating children
  20. Consequences of health due to abortion?
  21. How to keep children mentally healthy?
  22. Importance of health and wellbeing in society
  23. Advantages and disadvantages of milk consumption
  24. Is a gluten-free diet healthier?
  25. How to stay active and healthy?
  26. Causes of heart attack
  27. How to prevent heart diseases?
  28. Coping with hepatitis?
  29. Esa therapy
  30. How mental health can affect physical health?
  31. Social anxiety
  32. Causes of Asperger Syndrome
  33. Benefits of exercise
  34. How can we spot sociopaths?
  35. Mental illness is important
  36. After-effects of continuous steroid usage
  37. Wellbeing of children
  38. Development cycles of children
  39. Importance of social in the development of adolescents
  40. What is an autism spectrum disorder and how can it be treated?
  41. Risks of prolonged artificial tanning
  42. Effects of aerobics and weight training
  43. How can physical health affect mental health?
  44. How to spot dyslexia on initial stages?
  45. Prevention of diseases
  46. How to attain a healthy lifestyle?
  47. Effects of smoking on physical and mental health
  48. Causes of self-harm and psychological issues
  49. How to deal with antisocial behavior?
  50. Can social isolation affect mental and physical health?
  51. Sleeping disorders
  52. How can childhood traumas effect during adolescence?

I hope you will find it helpful to choose an appropriate topic out of these above-mentioned topics. You should choose the topic that interests you so that it would not make you bored and tired. What about the next step, writing an actual research paper is a hell of a work. It will take a lot of time and effort to write a research paper and once you would be done you might have to do revisions to impress your instructor.

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