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Literature is an incredibly vast subject with some fun and dull literature essay topics to choose from. If you happen to get an interesting topic, the entire process is more or less a breeze. However if you get one of those many dull topics, you’re looking a long process and pressure to make diamonds out of coal. While there are many kinds of literature you can take on, there are three main kinds of literature essays you can take on: an American literature essay, an English literature essay, and world literature essays. English literature essays tend to be a favorite of professors to focus on, but if you have the choice of what you will work on, there’s plenty of good material in each category and beyond.

We’ll go into topics and the basics of how to write a literature essay. In addition we’ll go over where to find and how to use literature essay examples.

General Topics for Your Essay

A list of literature essay questions will help you find your topics, however the quickest way to find topics for your essay and break down a subject is research. Typing “literature” in an online encyclopedia will show you the subject divided into digestible categories for reading. These categories are usually what you will use as spring off topics for your essay.

Research the following topics to decide which one is best for you to do your paper on. After you select one, ask questions or draw a conclusion on the topic at hand. This will serve as your thesis statement—after some rewording—and furthermore, the center for your entire essay.

Essay topics for literature essay:

  • Literary genres and sub-genres;
  • Poetry;
  • Essays;
  • Drama;
  • Oral Literature;
  • Narratives;
  • Literary techniques;
  • Law literature;
  • Controversial literature;
  • Censorship in literature;
  • Intellectual movements.

How to Actually Write Your Essay

The main thing to remember with any essay is that you will need to spend a good amount of time researching everything related to your topic and more importantly to your thesis statement. The more supporting facts you have, the better the body of your essay will be.

Make sure you have enough time to spend on drafting. This allows for you structure your essay: cut out what doesn’t work, extend what does, and streamline your entire paper so that you’re not turning in a paper that is too heavy, slow, and plodding or one that feels rushed through. The writing process really requires very little other than an attention to detail and knowing if your paper seems off balanced.

If you don’t feel you have a grasp of essay writing, check essay writing service site for example essays. These are a not only a good means to find out how a proper informative and/or entertaining essay is done, but you can also find a topic you can write on. Literature is a topic that gets a ton of attention, so you’ll find an example paper for it somewhere.

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