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Astronomy Essay Writing Guide

Of course, you want to write an astronomy essay that’s out of this world, pun intended. Of course, there are free essays available all over the internet, but never hand one of those in. They can be used as an example or a template – if it is a good essay that is – but they are worth nothing as far as putting your name on it and handing it in. There are probably hundreds of students who have done that and got caught. Not good.

What should you put into your own essay?

Whether this astronomy essay is an assignment given out in class or you are entering a contest to win something, having a stellar astronomy essay isn’t as hard as you may think. Just follow a few steps and use a great topic and you will be on your way!

You could build your astronomy essay writing around a discovery in astronomy, a famous astronomer, a constellation and the history behind it, or a myriad of other astronomy-related topics. Choose something that really appeals to you and captivates your interest. This enthusiasm will come out in the writing of your astronomy essays and the reader will feel the passion you have for your subject.

Topics from outer space or another galaxy

The possibilities are endless, or you could say as countless as the stars in the sky. There are so many astronomy essay topics for you to choose and expound on, it’s almost mind boggling. The topic ideas given in the following list are very general; they are just to get you thinking.

  1. Solar flares and corona mass ejections;
  2. The Mauna Kea thirty meter telescope;
  3. What are Exo-planets?
  4. The dwarf planets;
  5. A specific observatory (you choose one);
  6. A specific space telescope (you choose one);
  7. The northern night sky;
  8. Black holes;
  9. Celestial phenomena;
  10. Other solar systems;
  11. Detecting dark energy;
  12. What is the universe composed of?

Steps to writing a great essay

  • Research your topic. Thorough research is integral to obtaining enough relevant information to write your astronomy essays.
  • Analyze the data. This step is where you make an analysis of all the research you have collected.
  • Brainstorm for ideas. All the articles and chapters you have read should give you the spark of an idea for your thesis question.
  • Write your thesis. This is the statement or question on which your entire essay will be built.
  • Form your outline. Construct the outline using all the main ideas that have been uncovered in your research. Put them into a logical organized pattern.
  • Introduce your topic. This belongs in your compelling opening paragraph.
  • Write the paragraphs. This is the body of your essay, taking up the bulk of the word count and page count required.
  • Summarize. Your concluding paragraph; equally as important as your introduction. Make this something the reader will remember.
  • Use correct style guidelines. Follow the required style for your field of study. If you are not sure, ask your instructor or look online for accepted style standards for you program.
  • Polish by proofreading and editing. Don’t skip this step. This really puts the shine on your essay.


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