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In the month of March, during the year of 2010, the Health Care Reform Act was signed into law via the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. These efforts have created a variety of discussion throughout the nation and have left many Americans deciding what should be the next move. The primary goal Congress is hoping to achieve is to increase the number of Americans covered by insurance and to decrease the cost of health care. The Affordable Care Act allows all citizens, families and small business owners to have total control of their health care. This helps many citizens because there is a significant reduction in out of pocket expenses. However, for those Americans who already have insurance coverage and are content with it, they can keep their provider if chosen to do so. This act does not force or demand anyone to change his or her insurance program in any way. Those without insurance coverage will be able to choose a plan that is most suitable for them in an open and competitive insurance market. This will stimulate a boost in the market for private insurance companies to compete and provide quality, affordable health care. One major positive aspect of this is that it will keep all private insurance companies honest and fair when competing in this open market. There are many Americans who have a big decision to make when picking the insurance program is that right for them. An aspect that will make most Americans happy is the fact that insurance companies can no longer deny people coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition. This will allow consumers to obtain new power because they can appeal Insurance companies that deny doctor ordered treatments that are covered by insurance.
An issue that raised a lot of concern with previous Health Care Acts is the differentiation among states. With the reformed Act states are given flexibility to improve care and planning of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

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