Franklin D. Roosevelt, America’s Progressive Hero Essay

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I believe that a hero is properly defined as an individual that genuinely cares for the rights of others.Qualities of a hero include bravery, loyalty, intelligence, honesty, generosity, leadership, and compassion for other individuals.A hero respects all religions and ethnicities, while continuing to guide people during times of need and economic despair.During the Great Depression and throughout World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the source of guidance for citizens of the United States. Like a true hero, Roosevelt comprehended that in order to repair and strengthen the country and to bring it out of the ill-presented state created in the Great Depression, he needed an innovative plan.

If I could have dinner with any individual in American history, I would have dinner with President Franklin D. Roosevelt.I would choose to have dinner with Franklin D. Roosevelt because he has struggled through similar issues regarding health that I also have.He fought excessively through periods of adversity while strongly leading the United States out of the Great Depression.Even while still suffering through the agony of polio, Franklin D. Roosevelt remained a strong leader that has left a positive impact on society today.

Over an elaborate dinner, Franklin D. Roosevelt and I would have many important issues to discuss.We would discuss his disease of polio, how it affected his presidency, and how it affected his personal life as a whole.We would talk about how his disease strengthened him as a person and allowed him to lead the nation in a relatable way that was communicated to the citizens of the United States.We would also discuss essential tactics on how to make the United States a peaceful nation today, while still being involved in world relations regarding war as necessary.We would talk about how the United States’ government needs great reform due to excessive debt, a lack of jobs, and the decreasing value of money.During our conversation over dinner, we would also talk about how Christianity has declined in the United States.

I ultimately believe Franklin D. Roosevelt is the greatest hero in American history because he fought excessively through periods of hardship while ardently leading the United States out of the era of the Great Depression.Roosevelt believed strongly in government reform due to excessive debt, a lack of jobs, and the decreasing value of money, making him a vital leader during the time period of the Great Depression and World War II.

One eminent characteristic of a hero is courage.Franklin D. Roosevelt demonstrated admirable courage when he was suffering from poliomyelitis. After being diagnosed with this disease in the summer of 1921, Roosevelt started to become tired and he could not move his legs. With this disability, Roosevelt had to heavily rely on others to help him do every-day tasks. With great courage and determination, Roosevelt swam often to try to get more movement into his legs.He spent immense amounts of money trying to find a cure for poliomyelitis, extremely devoted to the cause.Even with this life-threatening disability, Franklin D. Roosevelt led the United States through the worst economic depression of all time and the casualties and international relations entanglements.

Like a true, dedicated hero, Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the American people to regain confidence and faith in the government.Though times were excessively difficult, Roosevelt was an advocate for the people of the United States.By establishing programs such as the implementation of the New Deal to help create jobs during the Great Depression and World War II, Roosevelt was a remarkable leader.Franklin D. Roosevelt was such a unique leader and hero that he was elected as President of the United States for four terms.This was a triumphant feat only Roosevelt was able to accomplish during his elongated presidency.

I greatly sympathize with the character of Franklin D. Roosevelt because he led with authority and strength.Despite being President during one of the worst economic times in American history, Franklin D. Roosevelt continued to be a strong, vital hero during this time period.As President, he devoted much of his time and thought to peaceful relations with other developed nations in the world.He sought neutrality from World War II, but he was able to make an executive decision on when the United States needed to be involved in the war in order to help other neighboring nations.

Overall, I believe Franklin D. Roosevelt would be an excellent figure in American history to have a nice dinner with.I strongly believe that he would be very friendly, while still maintaining proper authority as the former President of the United States.  As one of the greatest presidents in American history, I believe that President Franklin D. Roosevelt would make a great impression on me as an individual and that his tactics and beliefs would still remain greatly effective today.I strongly believe that his maintained authority during adversity and his genuine compassion for others made him one of the greatest presidents in American history.As an epic American hero, I believe that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was an individual with tactics and beliefs that still remain greatly effective today.

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