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Government investment and financial support in the food sector in 2015 and 2019

The table compares the amount of spending in millions and investing by government in Gava on different types of food industrial sectors in 2015 and 2019. The financial support for coffee industry that is exported increased significantly from 10 millions in 2015 to 60 millions in 2019. In term of exotic fruit farming to export, the financial assist in 2019 rose to 40 millions after it was 15 millions in 2015. By contrast, spending on payments for wheat farmers to stimulate them fell from 20 millions in 2015 to 12 millions in 2019. Fund for research in the area of high technology agriculture processes has increased by more than double from 2 millions in 2015 to 5 millions in 2019.

The development of heat resistant crops had no financial support in 2015, but in 2019 its funded was 5 millions. In general, the financial support in 2019 for exported coffee industry and fruit farming, research for agriculture and development of heat resistant crops has increased while that of payments to motivate wheat farmers has decreased. (Annual Agricultural Report 2019, page. 15)

Levels of food security and obesity among rural communities of gava

The line chart illustrates the changing trends of levels of food security and obesity among Gavanese people who live in rural areas during the years 2000 to 2019. The number of people with low food security levels has decreased gradually from nearly 42% in 2000 to about 40% in 2010 before rising suddenly at approximately 50% in 2019. However, the percentage of Gavanese who suffer from obesity increased gradually from around 1% in 2000 to just about 8% in 2010, then followed by a slight rise to 10% in 2015.

There was a sharp jump in the number of obese people from about 10% in 2015 to approximately 22% in 2019. The number of rural people who had moderate food security dropped moderately from around 33% in 2000 to at just under 29% in 2005. It then rose steadily until 2010 at around 32%. This dropped slightly until 2015 at about 31%, followed by stability at the same level by the end of 2019. Overall, the number of people with low levels of food security and obesity has increased significantly in 2019; however, people with moderate food security have decreased. (Ramona Diaz, 2020,p.17)

Analytical Discussion

Interpretation of the data

The findings show that in 2019, the government has used funds for coffee industries and farming of fruit to invest in exportation, of which percentages has significantly increased, especially in the term of coffee industries compared to 2015. In contrast, the financial support and budget for wheat farmers has declined. These trends show that the government is likely to use too much money for investment sectors, research and development areas. This may make less money available financial resources for spending on the motivation of the fruit’s farmers. In addition, half of the people in rural communities suffered from low food security in 2019 and nearly a third of them with moderate food security (Ramona Diaz, 2020,p.17).

The possible reason for this could be that less financial support for agricultural sectors to farm a sustainable food such as wheat, rice and other plant foods. Considering that accessing to affordable and nutritious food is difficult. Although it can be seen that the numbers of obese people in Gava has risen, this could reflect the shifting pattern of consumption toward foods with high energy density as well as sugary foods. As a result of more availability and less costly of these kinds of food. Another important reason for this problem may be the gavanese people have become less active because of farming occupation has no funded.

Evaluation of the data

The significant changes in the levels of food security in Gava can negatively affect the people of Gava. The changes in the amount of the funds spent on agricultural sectors by government can considerably inhibit the economic conditions of Gava by reducing the international trade. There could be more hunger people. This may need to implement immediate changes by government in order to enhance this situation by spending more money on the farming occupation in order to produce more affordable, nutritious and accessible food. Moreover, low economic society could result in rising unemployment, and declining wages and incomes. In terms of education, If the economical situations affect on education.

The society of gava may have less opportunities to be educated and could contribute to a poorly qualified workforce to fulfil the exportation industries. The agriculture sectors might design vocational programs to train people in different types of methods, techniques and processes in order to transfer raw ingredients into food for human consumption that is sustainable, easier to grow and adapt the climate changes. Another advantage of this beside improving food security, may result in reduce the rate of the unemployment. Obese people contribute to increase diseases related to obesity such as diabetes, hypertension and heart problems. This may be forced the government to spend more for health and medical resources such as drugs and the number of medical employees as well as health facilities on health care. Accordingly, the research in the agriculture and technology might need to invent food that is sustainable, safe, sufficient and alternative protein rich meal that is good for health and environment to reduce the percentage of people who live in low security communities.



There are some limitations that affect this research. Firstly, the data regarding how government in Gava spent their fund in different sectors only show during the years of 2015 to 2019. The spent before 2015 have not accounted for. As a result, it is difficult to determine how the gava society from 2000 to 2015 has affected their security in relation to government financial support. Secondly, although the numbers of the obese people are known, but their ages are not known. Consequently, this would restrict the researcher ability to improve the food security for them according to their ages as different age groups have different causes of obesity and different nutritional needs.


Further research is recommended to investigate the amount of fund during the years before 2015 in order to help determine the link between food security rate and government financial assist. In addition, research on ages of the obese people should also be done. This will allow researchers to fully understand the causes and the solution of this groups.

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