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Essay prompt

Many historic buildings are being destroyed or replaced. What are the reasons for this? What should be done to preserve these buildings?

Sample response

The urban landscape of many cities is getting defined by skyscrapers. While that is necessary to provide housing to the millions who flock to the cities, this development has some unfortunate consequences as well. In order to make room for skyscrapers, historical buildings and monuments are being destroyed in many cities.

Since these structures are the only reminders of the past, destroying them is a bit like destroying a part of our history. Something needs to be done to preserve them, but that wouldn’t be possible if we do not understand why these buildings are being destroyed.

There are several reasons why historic buildings are being replaced with modern structures. Many of these buildings were residential properties built decades or even centuries ago. Now they lack the facilities for modern living. Unfortunately, pulling these buildings down is cheaper than getting them renovated.

Theaters and cinemas that once used to enjoy strategic locations in the city are also being replaced because they are no longer financially viable. Since they enjoy strategic locations, developers are keen to demolish them and build supermarkets and multiplexes there. While some people might lament the demise of yet another historic building, the general public tends to appreciate the decision to build structures suitable for the twenty-first century.

There is yet another reason for the destruction of old buildings. Millions are migrating to the cities and this leads to serious space constraints. In order to provide housing for the masses, the authorities have to demolish old and dilapidated structures and build skyscrapers in their place.

As we can see, a number of social and financial factors have led to the destruction of historic buildings. There is no one solution to prevent this problem as in many cases, the demolitions are justified. However, the civic authorities can prepare a list of some very important monuments and preserve them from demolition. I think many governments are already doing this.

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