The Touch of a Grandmother Essay Example

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My stomach growled at the sweet aroma coming from the stove. My legs swung back and forth alternating as I sat at the kitchen table. The smell tickled my nose to the point I became antsier. The news on the television played in the background and every so often, she would glance at it whenever the news anchor mentioned something about death. “Here boy, cut this onion for me while I finish up the greens,” her sweet and demanding voice called out. Standing at five foot two, a head that contained hair full of black and gray hues, and a personality that would woo anyone she wanted is my grandmother. My childhood was filled with days going to visit my grandparents at their little pale blue house on the hill. Many fond memories were made in that house and have shaped me into the person I am today. For that reason, I find so much comfort in being there.

Being at my grandparent’s house is like an escape from my perception of “reality.” This is true because my days normally consist of working, dance practice, and more work; however, being at my grandparent’s house gives me the relaxation my body needs. My grandmother would always tell me to not overwork myself, so while there I make sure that I lounge around as much as possible. I take off my shoes and kick my feet up. There will be times where I cannot resist the temptation to help my grandmother perform some household duties. Whenever I would manage to help her, she would smack me upside my head and tell me to sit down; however, later on she would thank me for the help.

Laughter is the key to living a good life and maintaining good health. If this statement is true, then then I am in perfect health because laughing is one thing that I constantly do when I am over their house. We would spend hours gossiping about ignorant people and problems within the family. In the afternoon, while we sat on the couch watching Family Feud, the silence is usually broken with an outburst of laughter from my grandmother. She would tell me how dumb one of the family members was for giving a ridiculous answer and that she knew that the answer would not be on the board. I would agree and laugh with tears in my eyes, but also reassure her of how easier it is playing from home than on the show. She would glare at reply and me, “hush up boy,” and then continue to laugh at the show. Towards the end of the night, we would talk about how silly my certain family members can be, such as my great grandmother. My grandmother would describe how my great grandmother would always ask for her to do things knowing she can do them herself. My grandmother would always fill the story with a plethora of onomatopoeias to boost up her imitating skills. I would tell her that it takes my great grandmother time and that she will adjust soon; however, my grandmother reassures me that she puts on an act when company is present.

My heart is my grandmother. I find some much comfort in knowing that a huge part of me and the person I have known for all of my life is happy. In addition, she plays a meaningful part in my life. She knows that she could talk to me about anything and not feel judged; nevertheless, the same is for me as well. Recently, I had lost my job and was having many problems financially. She was the first one that I called and told about the situation. When it came down to paying the application fee for college, she informed me that everything would be okay and that she would handle it. My grandmother kept that promise. One main thing that she told me would make her truly happy is if I continued school and pursue my dream of being a lawyer. As her first grandchild, I promised her that I would lead by an example for all her and my grandfather’s grandchildren and go to school. When I made that promise, she hugged my neck extremely tight, smiled, and looked in my eyes with tears in her eyes and said, “Thank you so much baby.”

The little pale blue house on Castlegate Drive is not only a place for traditional family gatherings; it is the place where I receive the most comfort. It is also the dwelling place of my grandmother that happens to be the main reason I go. The place itself is not only a historical figure in my life that has been in my family for generations, which holds a great deal of meaning, but it is a place I can truly call home. My grandmother and I try to relish every single moment I am at her house because there will be months where I would not be able to come see her because of my hectic schedule. However, I never let that deter me. As I get more free time, I would be making my way down I-75 South, pulling up in the driveway, and giving her a big hug upon my arrival. My days of relaxation, laughter, and spending time with my grandmother will continue again in a little pale blue house on the hill.

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