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I am an essay writer. Born in a family that provided a strong support of my aspirations, I found myself looking at the world in a very different way compared to other people. Many people show interest in things like engineering or medicine when they think about their future careers, but there was always something about good writing that stood out to me. In middle school I began to show a great deal of interest in writing. I wrote stories and poems, and even started to experiment with my first screenplays. As I grew older, I started to consider filmmaking as a possible career option. Now I’m writing screenplays, directing short films, and expanding my knowledge of film as much as I possibly can. However, I am, by no means, an expert. I understand I have a lot to learn if I would like to work in the film industry.

Film has grown to be my passion. In my Freshman year I was taking a college course on film. In this class, every student needed to join a group to create a short film to be screened in front of the entire class at the end of the semester. I took it upon myself to write a script for this project as soon as I found out about it. I assembled a group of my friends and peers to make the film. The job of directing the film fell upon me as I had written the script. This film, however tedious and silly, encapsulated my passion and love for all things cinema. I molded my own prosthetic effects in hopes of capturing realistic wounds and scars on camera. Although it was very challenging and time consuming, the film I created made the Dean’s list for being an exceptional display of creativity.

My film was, by no means, the best in the world, or even the class for that matter. It didn’t have crazy special effects or insane cameras to film with. But what it did have was a ringing passion that the audience could feel. When the project was over, I no longer loved film on a superficial level. I loved film in it’s deepest, dirtiest, grittiest, unpolished state. The state that only the people creating the film truly understand. The type of love that only comes from being outside all day in 93 degree weather soaked in corn syrup blood while trying to preserve what little battery you have left so that you can review the shots you took that day later.

I know that film is my calling, and I know that I can create new, original, interesting works of art. Film school is a place that will allow me to do this. This has lead me to view a college education in the cinematic arts as the next chapter of my journey.I am a vibrant creative force ready to seize any opportunity when one presents itself. Some people want to be considered successful filmmakers. I would like to be considered an exceptional artist.

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