Beowulf Poetry Example

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Multiplying, missing and murdering.
Kindred to a villain.
Painting the streets of Essex red.
He has been doing this for the past year.

Disembodied heads and chopped off appendages.
The homeland guardian of Essex is lives in fear
of the murderer.
Everyone is poor.

The police have not received
enough green paper to catch him.
Beowulf bellows in grief
And decides to
bestow the tired, taken town with help.

Beowulf is escorted to the concrete clearing.
There he meets the Chief of Police
as well as the mayor.
They discuss all the troubles and
how Beowulf could be of help to them.

It takes quite a bit of fox cunning
To convince the Chief of Police.
He was finally persuaded, and they agreed
to let the Sussex police department be involved
with the murder case.

This would be their only opportunity
to get rid of the neighborhood nuisance.
Beowulf grabbed his best men and women from the Sussex department
and explained to them the importance of this issue.

He had a strong connection to the Essex area,
because that is where his father’s family had come from.
That made this personal
Beowulf takes the lead
ongoing into the area
where the murders have been taking place for the last year.

It was desolate, damp and disgusting
in the rough rat highway.
He looked around and noticed
that it was blocked off more on one end by a grimy dumpster,
though one could escape if they were quick and agile enough.

The Sussex group did a stake out
and watched as people came and went throughout the day.
There seemed to be nothing,
until they noticed a man who was walking around the area suspiciously.

It looked as if he was scouting out his next victim,
and he had seemed to find one right before their eyes.
Stealthily, Beowulf advanced on the perpetrator
and snuck out beside a wall near him.

The man seemed to realize that something fishy was going on,
and decides to move, but he sees Beowulf.
Everything happened in a swift motion,
Beowulf is pushed up against the wall in the dark alley.

Beowulf feels a small bit of panic but remembers all his training at once.
Grabbing the man’s arm and jabbing him the stomach with his knee,
Beowulf escapes the grip and unclasps his gun quickly,
seemingly shooting the man within seconds,
ending everything.

Only if the others had noticed
the woman watching this happen
from the see-through opening of her home.
She was the one who had taken care of the murderer
and now he was gone.

The lady protected him from the police
because she believed he was doing everyone a favor,
almost a gift from God.
She would go up against both police departments
and fight them over killing her “son”.

She then goes on to plot a murder against Beowulf
only to have it backfire,
the lady is covered in slaughter dew
as Beowulf puts away his corpse-maker.

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