Mandi House LLC

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Mandi House LLC

I walk through the alley thinking that I am lost, I find the door to the incredibly humble restaurant. I enter the restaurant and immediately am met by nostalgic marvelous Arabic music. The restaurant’s interior looks like a restaurant I would find in my home country, and as a matter of fact, I would have thought that I was in Saudi Arabia If I was not aware of where I am.

After I finish amusing the aesthetics of the restaurant, I head to the cashier and realize the staff is mostly Arabs, which truly made me feel like I am at home. I look at the menu, the decoration, listen to the music and smell the amazing food and just think to myself “why haven’t I visited this place before”. Although the interior is very pleasing aesthetically, the exterior is very bad for multiple reasons, for one, the entrance for the restaurant is located at the back of the restaurant’s building, and the building does not look very good and not so clean.

One thing a lot of people misunderstand is that Arab cuisine is not identical to Indian Cuisine. There are major differences between both of the cuisines, Indian cuisine Is usually spicy, while Arab cuisine usually includes a lot of meats in the dishes, even though the ingredients are very similar. Mandi House LLC is located in 1639 E Apache Blvd, Tempe. It is a restaurant that focuses generally on middle eastern cuisine. It serves many Arabic dishes like meat or chicken Mandi, meat or chicken Hanith, meat or chicken Mathbi and many more dishes. Middle Eastern cuisine Includes and meat or chicken as the main ingredients in most of the dishes.

Regarding the criteria, I will judge the appearance of the restaurant interiorly and exteriorly, the service, atmosphere, and most importantly, the quality of the food compared to the Waleed Alsharari prices. The appearance should look clean and attractive exteriorly and the restaurant should capture the Arab restaurants feel and aesthetic. The service must be up with the highest standards, the customers must feel satisfied in terms of how they are treated by the staff. The atmosphere of the restaurant should make the customers feel like they are in an Arabic restaurant. Finally, the quality of the food must be top tier and the prices should be at least reasonable and affordable.To begin with, the restaurant does a bad job of making the restaurant look attractive. The building looks very old and dirty, and the entrance of the restaurant is located back of the building, which is located right in front of the parking lot. The entrance area looks very dirty and the only way of accessing the entrance is by walking through an alley that leads to the parking, which left me confused at first and it took several minutes to figure out how to access the building. This is very inconvenient and might confuse most people who do not own a car.

Interiorly, the restaurant looks very clean and up with the standards of a restaurant. The lightning was very good, there were many seats for both couples and a group of people. Also, there was an area where you can sit on the floor and eat similar to the traditional way of eating in the middle east. Essentially the restaurant does a very good job in terms of seating. The restaurant captures the atmosphere of an Arabic restaurant very well. The nostalgic music helps set the mood and the decoration displays the aesthetic of an Arabic restaurant.

The services that the restaurant provides are very standard and basic, there I did not notice anything special. Regarding the staff, they were very helpful and helped the customer understand the menu and the dishes. So essentially, the restaurant has very standard services. Finally, the most important aspect of a restaurant is the food and Mandi House LLC does a near-perfect job presenting the food with high quality. All the dishes that I have tried at the restaurant were very good except for the meat Mandi. The plates and food were hot, the presentation of the food was very appealing and appetizing and most importantly, the food tasted like it was made with love and passion. The menu has many choices that the customer can choose from, but the menu does not include dishes from other cuisines. And the menu includes photos of each dish. Although most of the dishes are very well made, I personally did not like the meat options for some of the dishes. Also, the drinks that the restaurant provides are not very special, most of them are just sodas. The prices of the dishes are very reasonable for one person, I got a chicken mandi with a diet coke for only 12 dollars, and the price would considerably go down if there are more than two people eating together, the reason behind that is that this cuisine is made to be eaten in a group of people. Four people can order one large dish and 4 diet cokes and that would cost them approximately 30 dollars so, in essence, each person pays only 7.5 dollars for high-quality food.

To conclude my opinion on Mandi House LLC, I think that it is overall a good restaurant for both casual people and people who want to taste real authentic Arab cuisine. The quality of the food is very high and the place makes people feel as if they were in a real Arabic restaurant. It is very affordable for college students. And the location is convenient because of the rail system that is close to it. Students can go there twice a month without affecting their budget. I would highly recommend it for people on a low budget to try it, even people who want to try high-quality food.

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