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Essay topic

Many people have concerns about the safety of Genetically Modified (GM) foods. Are these concerns justified?

Sample response

People are becoming more and more concerned about the quality of food they eat. Many people have already turned to organic foods which are free of chemicals and pesticides. Those who cannot afford organic foods are also looking for safer alternatives. They refuse to buy genetically modified (GM) foods and foods that contain artificial colourings. However, the advocates of GM foods feel that these fears are not justified. I am one among them. I have always felt that the concerns about GM foods have little merit. Let me elaborate.

GM foods have been around for well over 20 years and contrary to popular belief they have not been linked to cancer or any other disease. In fact, researches into the quality and safety of GM foods have not been able to prove that they are harmful for health.

Organic foods are definitely healthier but few people can afford them. Since pesticides are not used on them, their yield is not always satisfactory. This makes them expensive. In addition, unfavourable weather conditions can destroy crops. This leads to increases in the price of foods. GM foods, on the other hand, are hardy and show great resistance to droughts, floods and pests. As a result, they have higher yields. This makes them affordable.

The world population is growing day by day and consequently the demand for food is also increasing. The only solution to meet the ever increasing need for food is to grow GM crops. Until scientists find a better solution, they are here to stay.

To conclude, people are free to eat whatever they want. Those who have concerns about GM foods should stay away from them. However, I feel that it is unfair to overlook the many benefits of GM foods and instead focus on their negative effects that have not been proven.


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