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With the current advances in technology happening at an amazing speed, it’s no wonder that the field of engineering has opened up much wider than ever before. Your engineering essay has the potential of getting you a fantastic grade in the course you are taking if you follow some simple steps to a superb essay.

How do you engineer a great essay?

Building an excellent mechanical engineering essay is kind of like building a simple object. You identify all the parts, construct them, and then put the whole thing together in the correct order. Those parts are the opening paragraph, the body, the summary and the list of references.

A computer engineering essay could focus on some kind of new technology related to computers. There is never a lack of that kind of information around. In fact, new computer technology comes out so rapidly it’s hard to keep up.

Using an engineering essay example is a great way to see how the finished essay should look. These are usually no cost or a nominal cost at many essay services online. Always use them for examples only; never copy any parts of it into your essay. That would be plagiarizing and it’s not worth getting caught and expelled from your program.

Genetic engineering essays also have a vast pool of new research on which to base a good topic. There is ground-breaking research going on in this field in many countries of the world, looking for new ways to combat disease on a genetic level, even before it develops.

Topic selection for your essay in engineering

Looking for an interesting topic for your genetic engineering essay? How about one of these?

  • Is it ethical to scientifically change the genetic code of foods we eat? What are the future health ramifications, if any?
  • Genetic engineering increases crop production and resistance to disease. Is the public properly educated about the health concerns raised by eating genetically engineered food?
  • What are the ethical and moral considerations of using genetic engineering to alter a fetus before birth?
  • How do I write a reference list for my essay?

Every well-researched essay should have an accompanying reference page. There are different styles of writing references and citations, and your program likely has an accepted style. One of the most popular style guides is the APA, or American Psychological Association. Many other programs adopt this style guide.

This academic format can be found online, with examples to follow for each type of literature you might be referencing, such as:

  • Book chapters;
  • Whole books;
  • Journal articles;
  • Online articles;
  • Web pages;

Live interviews with professionals in the field

When academic writing is accompanied by the appropriate style referencing, it adds another dimension to the quality of the paper. Check with your advisor or professor as to which style is expected in your program. If you will be using the APA style to write a number of other essays in the future, they also publish a book which goes into great deal to explain the APA style of writing and referencing. The reference page should be titled as such, and is located at the end of your essay.

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