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Philosophy essays are in the same area as a law essay, psychology essay, or a political essay when it comes to an actual challenge to have to write. Chances are you wouldn’t really come across them unless your course requires it or its in your field of study. If you actually chose to do a philosophy essay then you should’ve really known what you’re getting into. No one says “Philosophy sounds really neat! I’ll pick that!” It’s the same as saying “I don’t know any philosophy essay topics, but it’ll be way past cool anyway!”

Writing a philosophy paper—while challenging—does give you a lot to work with as far as directions you can go. You could take on an educational philosophy essay which is more informational than anything or really tackle a school of thought.

Topics to Use for Your Essay

Let’s dive right into the topics and see what’s in the bag for you to take on. Note that these are a few general topics to take on that you’ll need to research. Think of them as jump off points for what you could write on as well as the nucleus of your thesis statement which in turn will be the nucleus of your essay.

Common essay topics:

  • Middle Eastern philosophy;
  • Philosophy’s place in modern society;
  • Moral and political philosophy;
  • The history of particular cultural philosophies;
  • Ancient Greco-Roman philosophy;
  • Chinese philosophy;
  • Indian philosophy;
  • Rules of Inferences;
  • Metaphysics (reality, existence, time, mind and body);
  • Unsolved problems in philosophy.

How to Handle Your Essay

Before you even start drafting, you’ll need to reflect on the information you’ve gotten through your research and draw a conclusion. Ask questions. This will give you a thesis statement. After that, you’ll need to form it into something powerful enough that it can keep your entire essay together. The whole paper will revolve around this particular point you’ve made.

After that, you’re going to want to work on a philosophy essay outline. An outline will serve as the blueprints of how you will approach your paper. Drafting is important at this stage as well. Structure your introduction first. If it helps, structure your closing statement as well since it’s essentially a review as well as the part that will attempt to sell your point. Everything between the introduction and closing is merely facts that support your point.

Next to research in importance is making sure to manage your time. This might just be more important than research. Proper time management will ensure that you have enough time to handle all of the extensive research before you dive into your paper as well as the actual writing and editing of your essay.

If you find yourself having trouble with getting your paper together, try a few philosophy paper examples. You can find these on essay writing services and one of them will definitely have examples for philosophy up. You can also use these examples as means of finding a topic if research has turned up fruitless.

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