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High school and college students enrolled in history or science courses often have to complete cause and effect essays. In order to better understand why events happen, cause and effect essay topics give students an opportunity to think more analytically. In writing classes, teachers simply instruct their students how to write this style of essay and they allow students to choose their own cause and effect essay topics.

Here are a few easy cause and effect essay topics:

  • Causes and Effects of Dropping-Out of High School;
  • Cause and effects of Bullying;
  • Cause and Effects of Right-to-Work Legislation;
  • Effects of Meditation on Wellbeing;
  • Effects of Violence Video Games on Young Children;
  • Effects of Negative Press on Public School Teachers;
  • Cause and Effects of Stress on Young Children;
  • Effects of Silence on the Human Body;
  • Effects of Reducing Recess Time;
  • Cause and Effects of El Nino;
  • Effects of Obesity on Fertility;
  • Cause and Effects of Overpopulation;

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