When I am Perfectly Content Esay

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There are not many places in this world, where a person can go and feel completely content. Throughout the day, you are constantly surrounded by people and sounds and it is very hard to just get away from it all. There is one place in particular, where I can always go and just feel perfectly content. This place is the beautiful gazebo that is located at my grandparents home, in Anderson, South Carolina.

When I was ten years old, my grandfather expressed the idea of building and decorating a gazebo for my grandmother’s sixtieth birthday. After hearing this exciting idea, my siblings and I started to develop amazing decoration ideas. Finding a place in the backyard, out of sight from the house, my grandfather began constructing the gazebo. My siblings and I were too young to be of much assistance with the construction process. However, once the gazebo was finally finished we were eager to start painting it. We painted the entire gazebo white, and each one of us dipped our hands in paint and marked the entire floor with our colorful handprints. After adding a few final touches we were done and couldn’t wait until it was unveiled for our grandmother.

My grandmother’s birthday had finally arrived! After much anticipation, we were able to walk her through the backyard, and show her what all of our tenacious work had gone into. Until this day, I remember the tears of happiness running down her face. She was overjoyed, at the time and effort that was put into this amazing gift. Later that afternoon, I grabbed a book and walked out to the gazebo with my grandmother. We sat and read and talked about anything and everything until it was night time. This began a tradition of spending quality time at the gazebo, every time I would visit my grandparents.

As the years went by, I started visiting the gazebo without the company of my grandmother. There I would grab some paper and a pencil and begin to draw my surroundings. I would draw the birds, and the trees and attempt to capture the beauty of the sun right at sunset. Other times, I would bring a book that I was currently reading and peacefully become mesmerized by the book. I began to realize that this place was more than just a gazebo, this was a place of perfect contentment. No matter what had occurred throughout the day, negative or positive, here nothing mattered. This gazebo had become more than just a wooded structure, it was a place of comfort for me.

The gazebo at my grandparents home will always hold a special place in my heart. No matter where I go in life, I know that this will always be a place where I can completely be content and always come back to. The love and hard work put into the creation of this amazing gift, will motivate me to always find a way to positively impact other people’s lives.

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