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The essay about talent is an exceptional piece of writing that remains focused on some exceptional abilities and talents. Once revealing your top talents, you define how you obtained them in the first place. Next, you outline the ways you use them in your everyday life. There are hundreds of various unusual talent examples. Some of them can be absolutely unparalleled and quite unexpected. 

The essay talk about self talent is not always focused on the obtained talents. It can easily be some natural talent that you were lucky to have. With the obtained talents, it is more complicated. You need to learn and practice your skills to manage your talent completely. The essay about my talent is based on my personal experience and the skills I have obtained in my life. This talent has become very helpful for me and boosted my confidence greatly.

What is Unusual Talent?

While I was staying in Ghana, our school assigned a new math program. The program was known as the Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS). It was focused on teaching students how to operate an abacus. These were not obligatory classes hosted at a testing center. Since it was a great chance to learn something new, I chose to attend the classes. It really taught me an exceptionally effective method of adding and subtracting numbers without using a calculator.

I was in the fifth grade, thus I joined a beginners’ group. The classes were held at a center every Saturday. We all have received a red and black abacus to start with. We have learned the first and main rule that the tops are always fives, the fifties, five-hundreds, five-thousands, and so on. Respectively, bottoms are ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands. We used the principles of basic math. Thus, when we were asked to find the tenth value of 180, the answer was always 80.

In the period when we were focused on addition and subtraction, we were solving problems in workbooks with plus signs between. The other rule we learned was to put a sign only when you deal with negative numbers. To solve the problem, you need to move the beats up and down and behold. You need to move your fingers to add one-digit numbers. I was a fast learner. Thus, I developed fast reflexes and was able to move beats capably. At the end of the year, I was able effortlessly to add and subtract +10 numbers. I was doing it smoothly and without any calculator.

In sixth grade, I was still attending a math class. My friends and schoolmates were curious about my reasons for attending the classes all this time. Truly, the program was very entertaining. I obtained the needed skills of adding and subtracting higher digits without any calculator or a habit to write everything down. My commitment to the program was exceptional. I wanted to gain these skills, thus I attended all the classes driven by a desire to develop my math talents.

I finished my first-term classes in November 2009. This was my last class since I was getting back to the United States. During the classes, we also practiced mental math. It is a special technique when you picture an abacus in your mind and use it to calculate the answer. It was difficult at first to picture a red and black abacus. Still, with some practice, I learned how to solve three-digit problems. This method was quite interesting. It was a great discovery to be able to use my mind in such a way. Mental math is an extremely cool practice. Learning it was very advantageous for me while I was staying in Ghana. In my school, the use of calculators was forbidden. I can easily add 125+452 and get 577 without writing it down on paper. It is really convenient to picture the abacus in your mind and solve tasks mentally.

After getting back to the United States, a mental match was still very beneficial for me. Once having algebra, I found that many tasks were equations that must be solved by finding x and y. Thus, multiplying and dividing big numbers was easier with a calculator. Unfortunately, I never had an opportunity to learn multiplication and division in my math class in Ghana. Still, the entire experience of using the abacus was exciting and quite entertaining! I have proven to myself that I can gain new skills if I even wanted to. Besides, this is a great ability to add and subtract a big number in your head. You can even add this information to your resume in a field for unusual talent.

Essay about Unusual Talent Example

When I went to school, my friends and classmates questioned my attendance at the program. Honestly, the program was interesting. I actually found a new way to add and subtract higher digit numbers without a calculator or writing it out. It was out of some ignorance or lack of commitment that might have caused some to give up. I was fully committed and did the in between practices during the regular school weeks. Commitment is sometimes hard to maintain, but the drive keeps you firm in the activity.

The last Saturday at the end November 2009 was the end of the 1st< term classes. It would also be my last since I was moving back to the United States. My abacus teacher introduced us to mental math. It was picturing the abacus in your mind without using it. I was baffled because I couldn’t imagine thinking of the red beads, the bars, everything was simply in my head. She gave the class some few three digit numbers problems to try, and I got some correct. This was the interesting new method; I couldn’t believe that an average guy like me would use my head for a change. Mental math is so cool! It was really beneficial when I was in Ghana. In middle school, calculators were prohibited. I know how easy it is to write and align 123 + 451 and get 574 on a piece of paper. However, it can be easier by picturing the abacus and doing it mentally.

Learning mental math helped me when I returned to the United States during middle school. I had never heard of algebra in my life in the 7th< and 8th< grade. Algebra was all about solving equations and finding x and y. If I was ever multiplying or dividing huge numbers, a calculator would be my backup. I never had a chance to learn multiplication and division on the abacus since I left Ghana. However, the experience was unusual and great! I also learned that commitment was required if I wanted to learn and develop skills in a new activity. Also, it doesn’t hurt writing that writing “I can add and subtract big numbers in my head” on a job application is an unusual talent that will be sure to impress!

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