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Going to college is all well and good but when it comes to writing a college application, we all get stuck. And it’s no wonder. The pressure to get it just right is enormous.

And all that pressure begins with choosing a topic for your college application.

“What do I write about?” is the million-dollar question.

Well, I am here to tell you exactly what it is you should write about in your college application essay. Once you pick one of the prompts that I have given you, you will have no trouble writing your application.

Well, here it goes.

Prompt 1: Your Story

This prompt will make an essay writer write an essay that revolves around his identity. Basically, you will have to write the story of your life.

I know it’s impossible to cover your entire life story in one short essay so you will have to focus on one aspect.

For example, talk about your personality or your hobbies or even some experience that really touched you.

Just make sure that the story you write connects to your life so that it can connect with the reader too.

In this way, you can draw your audience in.

Prompt 2: Challenging a System or Belief

In this prompt, you can talk about any experience that changed you. Anything that made you challenge the existing norms of society.

You can talk about standing up for yourself or defending someone against bullying.

The point is that you have to come across as a strong but not ill-mannered.

The essay should also be a reflection of you and you alone. So, just focus on yourself.

Prompt 3: Learning from Your Struggles

This is another one of those topics that can impress your audience if written right. Here you need to talk about how you faced certain troubles and how you overcame them.

I know this may sound like giving a bad impression of yourself, but you are really not gonna do that.

You will simply acknowledge your struggles. The honesty of this essay will impress the readers.

Then, you will show them how you have the determination to overcome even the hardest of times. Again, impressive.

Prompt 4: Growth

Ok so this prompt may seem just like the rest but it isn’t. In this prompt, you can talk about your achievements.

You can recall an event or talk about a major milestone. You can even discuss a small but impactful moment in your life.

The point is that your focus should be on your successes and your accomplishments.

There will be no negative vibes in this type of essay

Prompt 5: Something that Fascinates You

Here you can discuss almost anything. You can write about something that you care about or something that truly matters to you.

Much like the second prompt, this one will also focus on you and not the things you are talking about.

This essay will be like your reflection of something that fascinated you.

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