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Today it might seem easy to pick up a computer or cell phone and download a dating app. Once have downloaded the application it asks for a picture and bio about yourself. But whatever someone else puts up on their profile may not be true. Therefore, dating online can be terrifying due to lack of trustworthy information or even feeling sexually harassed by others on the app. That can be changed with creating a safe environment for people on those apps to meet and not feel embarrassed or judged. Also, by improving the app and making sure that the information a person is saying about himself is true.

How nice is it that you could just grab your computer in your own home and not have to go out in public to look for a certain someone. Not putting in the physical efforts to meet a date make it easy and fast for people to find matches online. As little as uploading a picture of yourself and a little information you could match with someone. Although with that being said Online dating apps often cause an increase fear in sexual harassment for a woman and men by making them feel uncomfortable to use or make profiles, but with the implement of safer credible information being distributed and more public environments for meet ups this issue can be resolved.

In America it is known that almost everyone nowadays uses an online dating app to try and meet someone. Many people that use the apps say that they are content with their results and that they have found someone that they are with or even got married with. It is common that they may match with someone and then get married due to the common interest they both have. Although many also say that there is a downside such as the fear of being scammed or lied to. Some users may set up accounts to try and scam someone for money or other reasons. Another negative is that many women and many men say that they feel sexual harassed r have been sent sexually explicit content. For example, Anderson states “dating sites or apps can become a venue for bothersome or harassing behavior” (Anderson, p6, 2020)

In order to lessen the fear of not being given credible information or catfished something needs to be done. Therefore, with the implement of a safe website that checks personal backgrounds and shows credible information about others it can decrease the problem. For example, a teen girl uses an online dating website and has been chatting with a boy of her interest. They plan to meet up in person for the first time and what happens is she finds out that they do not look like what they talked about. “Mona forgot that she had denied her identity. “That can’t be you. She’s a girl!” (Kayla, p13, 2009)

On another note another fear to those who use online dating apps is that they feel that they are being sexually harassed or are bring sent explicit content without their approval. One way of eliminating that is by making dating apps where that kind of content is prohibited or is considered fraud. That way people will feel less anxious and not so worried about chatting with people online or meeting them in person. “using online communication can help overcome the fears of face-to-face situations that may create social anxiety. It makes it less stressful.” (Wang, P12, 2010).

In conclusion online dating has many positives such as not having to leave the comfort of your home or not being anxious to get out in the world and make a first move. And many more but it also comes with negatives as discussed sexual harassment and or being scammed or lied to. That way with creating a safer app and resources people can continue to communicate and chat with others online.

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