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In modern day, America many people would be shocked to know that workplace bullying goes on as frequently as it does. Many associates, manager and leaders may take advantage of others through different forms of leverage and coerce them into doing things through fear. Though it may not seem like a big topic it is something that is happening more than a lot of people would like to mention. At first workplace bullying may seem like a small problem that is easily ignored or forgotten, but as time progresses the bullying will become worst. It is important to understand Workplace bullying to come up with a solution to combat it.

What is Workplace bullying?

There is no set definition of workplace bullying, but a general idea of it would be an constant aggressive behavior used against a co worker, subordinate and possibly an supervisor. Workplace bullying comes in a wide variety of different forms including: physical force, verbal, sexual, mental or emotional depending on the circumstance. Unlike regular bullying that may occurs at school or in general life, workplace bullying happens within the rules of the workplace. This means that most bullying tactics are done in ways that may seem completely reasonable and rational according to the rules of the job.

What are some Statistics of Workplace Bullying?

The Statistics of Workplace Bullying may shock the majority of people that see them and will make them more aware of bullying signs at their jobs. It is estimated that more than 10% of people are experiencing some sort of the workplace bullying in America. A whopping 50% of American workers have said that they themselves or another co worker have been involved in some sort of workplace bullying.

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute(2007) gender plays a huge role in who is more likely to be victims or offenders. Women are more likely to be victims of Workplace Bullying especially when the aggressor is a woman. The same study showed that race played a significant role in bullying as well. Hispanics were reported to feel more bullied at work(52%) than African American, Caucasians and Asians(30%). The rates of witness were around the same percentage of the those that felt bullied at work. Its important to understand that these rates are probably significantly higher, but the definition of what workplace bullying is, is very murky and hard to define.

Types and Tactics to Bullying

Sometimes a bully will use different maneuver to make their victims life incredibly hard or bring undue stress into their lives. These maneuvers may include overworking them to the point of breakdown, isolating them to themselves and starting false rumors about them. They may also set the employee or coworker up to fail repeatedly with the hope of getting them fired or terminated. They may try to menacingly stare down their victims to the point of making them cry or making them angry. All of these tactics are small ways that workplace bullies try to take their power from their victims. One of the best things you can do is to learn to watch out for anyone of these signs and report it.

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