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Driving Ms. Casey Essay

“Where to next?” I ask Ms. Casey, my eighty-eight year old friend, as we venture out for another Saturday excursion. I am only seventeen, and every other Saturday I make a thirty-five minute drive to our neighboring county to spend my day with a spunky, widowed woman.  I like to call it “Driving Ms. Casey” which is inspired from the “Driving Miss Daisy” movie.

Some may call it fate; I prefer serendipity as how we met. My friend’s mother had been assisting Ms. Casey. However, neither my friend nor her mother was available to drive Ms. Casey on her errands, so they asked me. Without hesitation, I offered to help. Since that day over a year ago, I not only gained a new friend along with a small side job, but also a wealth of knowledge and a sense of self worth.

Typically, most of my friends hang out or shop at the local mall on Saturdays. On the flipside, I am out driving Ms. Casey on Saturdays to the pharmacy, the bank, the grocery store, or the fabric store, or on occasion to the funeral home. Then it is back to her house for tidying up, cooking a meal, and chatting about my school year or stories from her past.

Ms. Casey has made a huge impact on my life by opening my eyes and seeing the elderly in a completely different prospective. Having compassion, patience, and understanding for others are valuable virtues this extraordinary woman has taught me. Furthermore, our kindred spirits have taught me that friendships have no age limits. Thus, these attributes will help pave the way for my future in education when coming in contact with people of all walks of life.


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