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Essay prompt

People should be able to access museums and art galleries without having to pay a fee. However, some people argue that a charge should be levied for admittance.

Discuss both arguments, and give your opinion.

Sample response

Museums and art galleries are our windows to the world. They preserve our culture and heritage and educate us about our past and present. That explains why some people feel that these institutions should be free to the general public.

The funding of museums and art galleries is a complex issue. While some museums are entirely funded by the government, others charge a fee for admittance.

People who argue that museums and art galleries should be free believe that levying a charge will prevent general public from accessing these facilities. Since these establishments help educate people about a nation’s history, culture and civilization, such a move can have serious consequences. When there is an admittance fee many people will stop going to the museums. A drop in the number of visitors will make them less valuable.

There is also a strong argument in favor of charging a fee. Museums and art galleries employ a large number of people. If they do not generate any revenue, they will become a liability for the government. After all, the governments have to fund a lot of other more important things. By charging a small admittance fee, these institutions will generate enough revenue to pay their staff and fund their operations. In addition, when you take a look at the museums in the world, it is not hard to see that the best preserved ones are those that charge a fee.

After analyzing the situation, it is not hard to see that there are arguments both in favor and against the proposition. My personal view is that charging a small fee for admittance will greatly improve the quality of service we receive. Of course, exceptions should be made in the case of school children.


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