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Some people believe that family is the most important influence on young people. Others believe that friends are more important than family. Which view do you agree with? Support your arguments with valid examples.

Sample essay

We are social beings and that explains why we are influenced by the people we meet in the course of our lives.

This is particularly true in the case of young people because their character and personality are very malleable. It is true that friends play a significant role in the lives of teenagers. Many of them even trust their friends more than their parents. Still, I believe that their family has the biggest impact on them.

From a psychological perspective, your family is the grounding factor for you because the people who really love you are your parents and siblings. In fact, youngsters learn values, customs and traditions from their family. Family relationships are built over years by sharing joys and sorrows. And that explains why family bonds are stronger. When you are in a problem, the first people who come forward to help you are indeed your parents or siblings. Friends may be important but they are unlikely to love you as much as your family members.

The people in your family also impact the way you think and act. Parents are undoubtedly the trend setters in the home. Their example encourages children to develop good habits. If parents read a lot, children will also develop that habit. If parents are religious, children, too, will be religious. In Asian countries respecting one’s elders is an important value. In such societies, the family plays an even bigger role in shaping a person’s world view.

Besides providing emotional support, the family supports the youngster financially. It provides you all the basic amenities including a home, food, education, clothes and entertainment. In the same way, youngsters coming from a poor family background have to deal with a totally different situation. No friend can have such a strong influence on your life.

In short, friends can have a strong influence on your life and may even shape your personality in some way, but family’s influence is even more important. It is your family that forms the more powerful backdrop in your life. In fact, family ties are permanent. You can never cease to be someone’s child or sibling, although you can stop being someone’s friend.

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