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Some people feel that only employees who have worked in a company for a long time should be promoted to a higher position. Do you agree or disagree with this?

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In organizations all over the world it is not uncommon for senior staff members to occupy higher positions. While seniority should definitely be a consideration when deciding a person’s eligibility for promotion, it should not be the only criterion. Rather companies should take a more practical approach.

Of course, there are several valid reasons for promoting employees who have been working for the company for a long time. These people understand the values and goals of the organization; they are already familiar with the work ethics. As a result, they will have no difficulty adapting themselves to being in higher positions. There is yet another reason for promoting them. If experienced employees do not receive a promotion, they may leave the company to find a better position elsewhere. This can have serious consequences for the company. Promoting senior staff to higher positions is the most effective ways of preventing talent exodus.

However, seniority cannot and should not be the only consideration. Despite having several years of experience, a senior staff member may still lack key skills necessary for occupying a higher position. In addition, some junior members may be more talented than their seniors. An organization that wants to keep its best people needs to reward every employee who delivers stellar performance irrespective of their seniority.

That explains why some multinational companies use annual performance and development reviews to find employees eligible for promotion. Under this system, a supervisor sets targets for an employee and if those targets are met, then the employee will be promoted to a higher position. The advantage of implementing this method is that it encourages employees to work harder.

In conclusion, there is definitely a case for promoting senior staff members, but I believe that organizations should also take account of the performance of junior members of the staff.

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