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  • Date added: June 15, 2020

What happens when the United States goes broke? Do citizens panic, wither and die, or do they learn to cope with their newfound adversities, which at least two thirds of them would experience at least once in their life anyway? From experience, the so-called struggle is not something that is easy to overcome. Yet, as hurtful as it can be, it can also do you good. It will teach you to value things, and not necessarily with monetary worth. When you’re a member of Broke America you learn diligence, and maybe even touch a hint of the unfollowed yet precedented protestant work ethic. The struggle is definitely life-changing. However it is just as morally beneficial to the so-called misfortunate victims. Whether the situation is better or worse is completely up to the victims to decide.

What is the true struggle of living in the struggle? Take it from another’s point of view. It is well-known that Tupac Shakur lived in poverty prior to his stardom. In his song titled Changes, Tupac reminisces on what is wrong with society. He says “My stomach hurts, so I’m looking for a purse to snatch,” and “I ain’t ever did a crime I didn’t have to do”. Both quotes emphasize the direct negative effects of what poverty does to people. Among hunger and crime, victims suffer from lack of health, education, and less pleasure from life itself. This definitely causes suffering, pain, depression and sadness, thus making lives an easy target for psychological torture.

Yet, interesting enough, I have heard multiple people point out that the poorest people are the most humble. In fact, a couple of months ago I came across a social experiment on Youtube, in which a young man asked homeless people for money, claiming that his “family is going through an extremely tough time.” Amazingly, the homeless man deeply believed he should help out this kid in the only way possible: giving him his only $147 that he’d “saved up for seven to eight months.” I realize that this man may not necessarily do the same as the next man, but I’ve seen multiple occasions in which people who have less help out the most. I believe this is due to their new understanding of what life is, and what is truly important. Frank, the homeless man in the video, said “[he doesn’t] have family. You have family… I want you to take care of your family.” This proves that he realizes that money doesn’t buy happiness, righteousness, or as much pleasure as doing the right thing does.

America is great. The enormous opportunities that are basically handed off to people residing in this country are admirable and praiseworthy. The American Dream is one of the most successful paths in life, but somewhere along the way, it left America broken. Though money makes life easier and arguably happier, the lack of makes life more practicable, moral, and righteous. Financial crisis is not something that people wish for, and for obvious reasons, but Americans fail to realize the importance and positive things that are released through these dark times. It is sad how it takes Broke America to realize how broken America really is.

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