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In the period 1200 through 1450, we can see that the expansion of the Mongolian empire that caused trade routes and communication to be a big change. The Mongols were an empire that Genghis khan created in the year 1206 and this empire had a lot of influence on communication and trade while they were expanding. This section will show how trade has evolved and how communication improved among the expansion of the Mongols.

The Mongolian Empire developed a huge trade network throughout Eurasia and deeply influenced the economies of the attacked regions. Genghis gave merchants protection, who started to come from the east and west to promote trade. He has also granted merchants a higher position than the Chinese or Persians who resisted trade and allowed traders to do so. During and after the Mongol Empire, the merchants found protection, reputation, tax deduction, incentives and constant support from the Khans.

The Mongols not only gave merchants the use of the Yam system but also set up for them protective organizations called Orton. The Mongols also got tax exemptions for merchants because of the bad oppressive tax rates. Genghis offered a form of permit to merchants which permitted them to travel safely along the Silk Road. The Mongols also lent money to low-interest traders. While the Mongols conquered the citizens, they ruled over the Silk Road and turned it into a trading route of unified, cultural diffusion and assimilation. This is how commerce affected the Mongolian Empire.

Besides trading, Mongolian communications lines have been so effective in establishing new rulings on speed, capacity, and service quality. Because of this need for communication through their vast armies, the Mongols used numerous strategies to keep the major Mongolian military leaders informed. The theory that war is also creating new commodities was real with communications from the Mongol war. The network that was built mainly to communicate during long-distance battles with the Khans and large group leaders gradually turned into a system on which merchants, traders, and all other types of people leeched on. When the Mongols were attacking other territories or waging war, they wanted a way to transmit what was going on.

The Mongolian Empire had one significant impact and we see the way they made interactions a lot easier for those around them. Others saw how they communicated, and they started communicating using their strategies. When the Mongolians were in combat or war, they also developed new and improved ways of communicating. So, communications were influenced by the Mongolian Empire.

From 1200 to 1450 the Mongolian Empire had a considerable amount to do with trading and networking. We can see that as they were growing, the Mongolian empire had developed new ways to trade and connect so we can see how it benefited those around them and how it provided them more possibilities.

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