IELTS essay: Smoking ban in public places

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Essay topic

What benefits would be achieved by banning smoking in public places. Explain how the measures suggested by you will be useful.

Sample response

Smoking has come to be regarded as a social evil. It has already been banned from most public places including offices, educational institutions, hospitals, banks, restaurants, conference rooms and theaters. The biggest problem with smoking is that you don’t necessarily have to be a smoker to suffer from its ill-effects. In fact, even if you do not smoke, you become a passive smoker when other people in the same premises are smoking. If smoking were to be banned from public places, the following benefits would be achieved.

People will live longer. When a person smokes a cigarette, his life span will reportedly be reduced by 5 ½ minutes. Smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day will cut down a smoker’s life by one-third and expose him / her to the risk of lung cancer. In other words, general health will improve remarkably if smoking were banned from all public places.

Smoking has, more or less, become a macho symbol for the teens and the youth, who regularly see their elders or role models like film stars smoking in public. If smoking were altogether banned from public places, there would be a gradual reduction in the prevalence of smoking among the younger generation. In my opinion, besides banning smoking from public places, the government should enact laws that impose heavy fines on those who violate this norm.

Smoking in public places has time and again proved hazardous. When a lighted cigarette stub or match stick is thrown around carelessly, it can lead to a serious fire and cause loss of life or property. If smoking in public places is banned, such accidents will be minimized, if not prevented.

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