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What is the idea of Africa? Perceptions of contemporary Africa are conceived notions of one individuals beliefs, passed on to many misinformed individuals. If a person were asked to depict the main points that stand out among African society, they would most likely begin by speaking of its poverty because it’s well known. Then the individual might enlighten us with the purpose of poverty, being the government. If the government can not organize themselves, how can they organize the countries within Africa, let alone the continent itself to rise above its downfalls? Therefore the continents’ individual countries have civil war. Subsequently, the individual will inform us on the lack of education within the continent, being the reason for a disorganized government. Among many other misconceptions of Africa, the education, government and poverty are mostly talked about. Therefore, giving those trying to understand the African society, and those trying to survive in it two different ideas of African culture.

In fact, Africa is not an uneducated country; they are oral literate, not written educated. The government and poverty within Africa, is due to their ancestry and what they have to rise from. Many of their ancestors were slaves, taken captive having to survive the only way they knew how. Thus when a government was formed, many Africans had an input and there were no consensus among a proportion whereas they could establish a suitable guideline to live by. Therefore, in so many words, Africans are not uneducated, poor, or have an underdeveloped government among any other misjudged ideas, they are learning to live according to what they can.

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