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Many of the questions we get asked at Free Essay Writers are about choosing interesting informative essay topics. Informative essays are a popular choice for writing assignments in a lot of different subjects. As well as a way of getting students to write about things that interest them they’re also common in technical subjects, as a test of how well people understand the material.

If you’re doing a science essay you’ll probably have been given a topic already. In creative writing class, though, you’ll most likely be asked to find one yourself. That’s where a lot of people run into problems; they can’t think of something they know enough about that other people would be interested in reading about.

In fact most people can come up with some easy informative essay topics. What’s your favorite hobby, for example? You probably know a lot about that, and if you’re interested in it yourself your enthusiasm will get your readers interested too. If you’re still stuck, though, what about something from this list?

  • What does Crime Scene Investigation really involve?
  • What do people mean when they talk about globalization?
  • Where does our legal system come from?
  • Why do humans have a fight or flight response?
  • How does DNA copy itself?
  • How natural selection works
  • Why populations are growing older in developed countries
  • How beer is made
  • Why supermarkets drive out local shops
  • What the Higgs boson is, and what it means for science

Some of these sound quite technical. These might be ideal informative essay topics for college, but there’s enough information available to make them suitable for high school students too. The key to a good informative essay is finding interesting information that people will remember; if your readers feel they’re learned something useful or interesting they’ll have a good impression of your paper, and if they’re grading it that’s exactly what you want.

If you’re still finding it difficult to think of informative essay topics, get in touch with us at Our team are all professional writers, and they can either find a good topic for you or write you a high quality essay on a topic you suggest. Either way you’ll get a well written, interesting essay that your readers will enjoy, and that’s going to get you the grade you need. Contact today and find out what we can do for you!

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