100 Cause and Effect Research Paper Topics

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For a cause and effect research paper, you need to study why something exists or has happened. An essay writer is required to speculate about what were the causes behind a certain situation and discuss its results or effects.

Finding a good topic for your research paper is one of the most important and hardest parts. You must choose a topic that personally interests you and can also develop an interest in the readers. There are many categories of research paper topics from which you can select the topic for your cause and effect research paper for example:

Mental health

  1. How economic recession affects mental health?
  2. How does the mental state cause lower academic productivity?
  3. Causes mental health problems during a pandemic?
  4. What are the causes of an increase in suicide rates in developed countries?
  5. What factors lead to depression in comedians?
  6. How the demands of sports psychologists are increasing day by day?
  7. Effects of poverty on mental health
  8. Effects of eating habits on mental health?
  9. What are the main reasons for having more susceptibility to greater suicide rates in developing countries?
  10. Does societal pressure of scoring high grades cause eating disorders in students?
  11. What are the causes of lower mental health issues in people having pets?
  12. Why is there an increased use of drugs during a pandemic?
  13. What are the causes of depression during a pandemic?
  14. How the use of social media increases the risk of mental health issues?
  15. How greatly spending time in the natural environment helps people to cope with distresses in their life?
  16. Does a decline in mental health also negatively affect physical health/activity?

Social media and internet

  1. What are the causes of having aggressive behavior in people who play violent video games?
  2. Causes of the growing popularity of video games among teenagers?
  3. Does the use of social media affect the academic performance of students?
  4. How does the use of the internet affect sleeping patterns in children?
  5. Why does the use of social media decrease social communication skills in people?
  6. How does using too much internet affect the thinking ability of people?
  7. How social media has become a channel of bullying?
  8. How today’s technology has affected business practices?
  9. How the use of the internet decreases physical activities in young kids?
  10. People tend to spend more money when shopping online
  11. What are the causes and effects of cyberbullying in teenagers?
  12. Does the increased use of social media is the main cause of the poor academic performance of students?


  1. Why some societies prefer same-sex education for their children rather than coeducation?
  2. Why do children having dyslexia and ADHD need special institutes/treatment?
  3. Do same-sex classrooms tend to increase learning in students?
  4. The effects of parent monitoring on the academic results of students?
  5. Do Ipads or phones cause students to learn more in the classroom?
  6. What is the cause of lower enrollments in art schools?
  7. The effects of longer school time on learning outcomes of students?
  8. The causes of American students not performing well in international tests as compared to other students?
  9. How does homeschooling affect the social awareness and communication skills of young kids?
  10. Impact of fine arts on students

Social problems

  1. What are the impacts of racism on society?
  2. Why do men get paid more than women?
  3. Why disabled people have to face discrimination?
  4. How does poverty influence the future of children?
  5. Causes of homelessness
  6. How inadequate sanitation affects the community?
  7. How (a particular) Non-Profit Organization helps with social problems?
  8. How religious oppression affects society? (select a specific religion and country for this essay)
  9. How food insecurity affects children?


  1. Causes of civil war
  2. What effects the U.S intervention had on the First and Second World War?
  3. How American society is affected by slavery?
  4. Causes and effects of the Great Depression
  5. Causes of colonialism and its effects
  6. Effects of racial discrimination in American society
  7. What caused the increasing interest in feminism?
  8. Causes and effects of the holocaust
  9. Political and economic effects of the Arab Spring?
  10. Social and economic impacts of Columbian drug wars
  11. Impacts of Civil war on slavery
  12. What triggered feminist movements in the 1960s?
  13. How the invention of the printing press affected mass media?
  14. Causes and effects of the French Revolution
  15. How poverty triggers illegal immigration?
  16. Economic effects of excessive immigration in the 20th century in the U.S.

Current affairs

  1. How Trump as a president of the U.S has influenced its international relations?
  2. What is the effect of the Black Lives Matter Movement on racial and criminal justice?
  3. What factors became the grounds for the UK deciding to exit the EU?
  4. Why has the rate of unemployment increased in the U.S in the last few years?
  5. Causes and effects of child abuse
  6. Why there is an increased popularity of pornography? And its effects
  7. The effect of domestic violence on victims
  8. Causes of global warming and its impacts?
  9. How is police brutality affecting the population?
  10. Causes of growing rates of teen pregnancy
  11. The influence of the internet on kids
  12. Causes of increased drug addiction in society


  1. Why should student-athletes be paid?
  2. How engaging in sports develops confidence, communication, and leadership skills?
  3. The positive effects of working out on brain activity and productivity
  4. How sports affects the mental health of a person
  5. The effects of sports on overall health


  1. Causes of separation or divorce
  2. Effects of separation or divorce on kids
  3. Why is there a fear of commitment in men?
  4. What are the causes of the failure of most long-distance relationships?
  5. Effects of abortion on a relationship
  6. How social media influences relationships?
  7. Causes of sibling rivalry
  8. The effects of feminism on relationships
  9. Effects of a happy marriage on a person’s mental health
  10. In what ways family vacations influences family relations

Health care

  1. Causes and effects of obesity
  2. Causes of AIDS in Africa
  3. The effects of cancer treatment
  4. Effects of birth control on women’s health
  5. The effects of stress on overall health
  6. Why people avoid going to the doctors
  7. Causes and effects of not getting children vaccinated
  8. Why is HIV/AIDS so difficult to eliminate?
  9. The effects of regular medical check-ups
  10. How exercise helps in improving health?

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