How a Baby Can Impact Someone Essay

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How a Baby Can Impact Someone

I remember the day so clearly as if it was yesterday: the day that my baby nephew was born. Nine months of anticipation had finally come to an end when we all came to welcome the newborn infant into the world. My brother and his wife had given him the name Wyatt. I never quite realized how much of an impact Wyatt would have on me until later on.

Seven months have gone by and I am amazed at how well Wyatt is doing. He has already started to crawl and even tries to stand up on his own sometimes. He has even begun to try and say a few words to. The best thing about him is his smile. Whenever I go to see Wyatt, as soon as he notices me he breaks out a huge smile, and it always brightens up my mood. Even on my worst of days, just being able to see Wyatt always brightens up my day.

I was even given the honor of becoming Wyatt’s Godfather. On the day of his Christening, as I lit the candle for him, I fully realized and accepted these responsibilities that I had been given. Words can’t say how much Wyatt has impacted me. He brings a since of joy and happiness to everyone’s lives, and he has even brought our whole family closer together. I am very proud of having the honor of not only being Wyatt’s uncle, but his Godfather as well. I will always love him as if he were my own.

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