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Are you trying your hand at an informative speech? Or are you being forced to write one by your professor? In any case, do not worry because they are really not that hard.

In fact, informative speeches can be one of the easiest types of speeches that you will ever write.

All you have to do is pick up a topic and start gathering information.

But it is the topic that causes the most trouble. Well, that’s what I am here for. I am going to give an essay writer some informative speech examples that will be easy to write and fun to explore.

Here are some of my ideas.Here are some of my ideas.

Example 1: The Breeds of Cats

This is a topic that is both informative and fun. Not everyone is a cat person and many people do not even focus on cat breed when they are getting a cat.

But you do some research on the different breeds of cats and offer up this information in your speech.

This is a very easy topic that will not bore you at all.

Just pick a few of your favorite breeds and get started on your speech.

Example 2: Changing a Car’s Oil

This is another very useful topic. If you own a car then just pick this topic because you can’t get an easier one.

If you don’t then just do some searching online. You will be sure to find relevant stuff in no time.

And if you don’t want to research then just ask your mom or dad/ I’m sure they will know how it’s done.

Example 3: Psychological Tactics Used in Marketing

If you are a bit of a psychology nerd then this topic is the perfect one for you. And even if you are not one, this is interesting regardless.

How so? Well, search it up a bit and you will find plenty of material that will surprise you.

You can talk about color psychology, the reciprocity principle, the social proof theory and much more.

You just need to link marketing with psychology and you will see how it is that brands manage to sell so many goods.

Example 4: Persuasive Speaking

Basically, this topic will cover exactly how to speak in a persuasive manner. You are telling your audience the rules and regulations of persuasive speaking.

Speak about what to avoid and what to include. Give the audience a few handy tricks.

For example, tell them how you should include some research to prove your point or how you can appeal to a person’s emotions.

Example 5: Protecting the Environment

Ok, this is a hot topic. So, it will definitely interest a lot of people. You need to speak about how exactly it is that a normal person can protect the environment.

Think of yourself.

What steps can you take to save the planet? You could plant a tree. You could stop or limit the use of carbon-based products.

You can petition for a ban on plastic.

There are so many options so just pick a few of them.

Example 6: Exotic Fruits

Here you need to speak on the fruits that are not common or not found in your country. Hence, the word “exotic”.

You do a little digging and you will find that there are loads of wonders in this world.

Just talk about where these fruits come from, what do they look or taste like, how are they grown, what are their prices, etc.


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