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Essay topic

Suggest three measures to reduce the wastage of water used for household purposes. Explain how the measures suggested by you would be helpful.

Sample response

Millions of people living in the developing and undeveloped countries still do not have access to potable water. On the other hand, people who do have access to water often do not understand its importance and waste it. More people will have access to safe drinking water if we reduce the wastage of water used for household purposes. I suggest the following measures to avoid such wastage.

A sense of social commitment must be developed among the people from an early age. This may be cultivated by the teachers and the parents, who must set an example themselves and avoid wastage of water. One must make sure that all taps are turned off, after one’s needs of water have been met.

Heavy penalty must be imposed on the misuse and wastage of water for household purposes if we are to achieve some measure of success in this direction. Although it might appear far-fetched, civic authorities must fix a limit on the amount of water a household can use. The number of members in the household can be used to determine this limit. Any violation, thereof, must be dealt with strictly.

The civic authorities must not shun their responsibility of providing adequate supply of water for household purposes. They must gear up to meet all eventualities so that people will not have to go without water for days on end for no fault of their own.

All leaky taps must be fixed. The appliances used must be of standard quality and of certain specifications so that wastage of water for household purposes can be avoided.

To sum up, the wastage of water can be reduced if we take the right measures.


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