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Growing up, I earned good grades but had a reading level that was way below where it should have been at the time. During my childhood no one had noticed my reading , not even myself. This issue not only impacted my ability to read, but my desire to do so, not fully understanding why concepts and material were not sticking. I was eventually taken out of class and put into a special reading group. I began to resent being placed in these special groups, because it did not help my learning, but rather singled me out from my peers.

When my parents finally realized there was a larger issue going on, I was sent to an eye specialist for eye therapy, but there was no change. I was then tested and diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia. I finally had the answer and saw positive results. I was not the typical kid some people would associate with having ADD. I was able to sit still and behave in class, but my mind would wander in several different directions at once. After the diagnosis, I went to a tutor every Wednesday after school, and I became determined and passionate about learning. I wanted to ensure I had all the tools necessary to succeed. I learned what it took for me to focus better and how to manage my surroundings to make learning and life more effective.

Despite all of my struggles, I overcame and persevered through my learning disabilities and arrived somewhere I never thought I would be. Because of my hard work and dedication, I am now taking and passing college-level classes, and my previously hated chore of reading has become my favorite activity. Though there are times when I struggle, I no longer allow dyslexia or ADD to hold me back from learning and living my best life possible.

Ultimately learning from my struggles has not only helped improve myself, but also sparked a new desire for me. There are so many people out in the world that face similar challenges like me, not necessarily a learning disability, but the feelings produced from them. Oftentimes people feel forgotten about or like they failed simply because they didn’t know what was wrong, only the thoughts that something was. I learned that I want to be there for people that face these challenges. I want to help them understand and teach them that nothing is wrong with them, that we all are different in some way. Everyone deserves to live their best life, sometimes they just need someone on their side. That’s why I joined the B.I.O.N.I.C club which stands for Believe It or Not I Care.

As a club we reach out to people in our societies that face challenges, to be there for them and show them that no one has to be alone. This club has never made me feel different or less than what I am just because I have a shorter attention span and stumble over my words sometimes. I became a leader in this group to repay the same courtesy to others. Everyone deserves a chance to write their own story, one that is not determined by an unknown challenge. A story that is determined by overcoming and facing them.

All of these things opened my eyes to a dream. A dream of my future that I am excited to pursue every day. My career goal is to be involved in continuing extensive research determining a better and more efficient way of developing medications to further help those with mental illness and disabilities. Further than that I inspire to be able to focus research around the new, upcoming research of cell regeneration and cell signaling. These newer areas of research show us how little we know about the human body, and how much more we can do to help others in solving problems. Medicine and chemical engineering is only a growing field, and I want more than anything to be a part of it.

I want to impact others positively. I want to be a voice to the voiceless. I want those who have the above conditions to be treated equally and once this is accomplished imagine the possibilities that will be shared with the world. I want to give them the hope I see possible still today, because without the hope and the trust put into things like medical research, where would we be?

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