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Essay topic

Some people believe that students should be required to attend classes. Others feel that going to classes should be optional. Which point of view do you agree with? Give specific reasons and examples to support your arguments.

Sample response

Most students want to go to university and graduate. It is a dream and an ambition. Many parents also dream of their children having the opportunity to receive university education.

A university education is undoubtedly your gateway to a successful career. If you have a degree your chances of getting a good job are pretty high.

Of course, it is possible to receive a degree without attending a university. But in my opinion, physically attending a university is essential to fully enjoy the experience.

When students attend classes, they learn much more. Of course, there are online and distance education programs, but none can beat a regular course where the student attends a class. Professors do not simply teach what is written in textbooks. They add knowledge they learned from their own professional experience, reading and research. This helps students to gain newer perspectives. Professors also help students to develop critical thinking skills. This will not be possible without attending classes.

Since developing critical thinking skills and acquiring knowledge are important goals of higher education, attendance at classes should be made mandatory for higher education.

Life on the campus offers young students an opportunity to form meaningful friendships, and relationships. In fact, many of these last for life. Besides making good friends, you might even meet your future life partner in college or university. In addition, at least some of your classmates may become world leaders or influential businessmen tomorrow. The connection that you establish with them today may prove helpful tomorrow.

Attending classes is beneficial from an intellectual perspective, too. You gain knowledge and wisdom by matching wits with other bright students from around the world. You can discuss just about anything with your classmates, exchange views and explore ideas. These interactions can help students form their political and spiritual ideologies.

In short, attending classes benefits students in numerous ways. For many students their university days are the best days of their life. It helps them achieve their goals in numerous ways.

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