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Let’s face it, college essays are boring. On top of that, the topics assigned for these essays make them even more dull and tedious. When it comes to college essays, no student is ever really happy, but you all have to make do.

Similar is the case with argumentative essays. I would say that these are one of the most difficult essays, made even tougher by the seriousness of their topics.

Finding a topic for yourself is even more difficult as you never know what your professor may like.

Well, if you are looking for topics for an argumentative essay, then you have come to the right place because I am here to show you some interesting thesis statement examples. Most of these examples are enlightening and will intrigue not just you, but your instructors as well.

So, let’s get going.

Example 1: The importance of fashion

This topic is different, unique, and is not widely discussed. Hence, it is perfect for an argumentative essay.

For this topic, an essay writer can take a stance on how fashion is or not as important as people think.

Choose one side and then look for arguments to support it. For example, fashion is not as important as people think because of its adverse side effects.

You can then discuss these effects in detail.

For example:

Fashion is not as important as people make it seem because of its adverse side effects that affect different people in a different manner.

Example 2: The drawbacks of democracy

I know, I know, it sounds boring but believe me it is not. It is a topic that can be considered controversial which is always a good thing in argumentative essays.

Democracy is considered to be the pinnacle of a civilized society. And while there is no doubt about its benefits, every system had its faults.

Discussing these faults will make your essay stand out. This will gain the attention of your instructor which is always a good thing.

For example:

While democracy has many benefits, it cannot be denied that it also has many drawbacks like inefficiency, political instability, and corruption.

Example 3: Paparazzi and celebrities

This topic will be interesting not just for your professor but for you as well. You can discuss how the paparazzi tend to violate the privacy of celebs and research on different incidents.

You can act as a detective while you scourge the internet for evidence.

Be sure to mention the case of Princess Diana and her death.

For example:

The paparazzi have been known to blatantly disrespect the privacy of celebrities by methods such as stalking, recording inappropriate videos, and interfering in the lives of their children.

Example 4: Homeschooling and its effects

Another interesting research can be done on how homeschooling affects a child. Most of us have gone to traditional schools and have no clue about homeschooling.

Well, now is the time to find out.

You can argue on how homeschooling restricts a child and affects their behavior such as socializing.

Or, you can list the benefits of a private tutor whose job is to cater just to you. The possibilities are endless.

For example:

Homeschooling is not beneficial for a child as it restricts a child, affects their social behavior and makes them vulnerable to society at large.

Example 5: Standardized testing

This one is a hot topic that will surely interest your professor as it relates to education. Your professor will be interested in talking about the pros and cons of standardized testing.

Also, since most of us have taken these tests, you can input your own experience.

You can discuss how these tests are valuable to the system or how they are failing both the students and teachers.

There is plenty of data on the internet that can help you with this one.

For example:

Standardized testing is ineffective as it focuses too much on the grades and not enough on actual teaching. Moreover, it is a system that does not benefit the student or the teacher.

Well, now you have it.

I have given you five topics that will be fun to research and fascinate your teachers. So, go on and pick one of these issues and get started on your essay.

Don’t forget to pick the topic that interests you the most so that you can write a powerful and convincing essay.

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