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You might as well face it – your business essay is not going to be as easy to write as your Facebook profile page was! Business programs are some of the most competitive programs out there, and everything you do counts toward your academic success. Usually, business essays are heavy on the research and must provide substantial references and examples.

Many students don’t even have the first clue about how to write a business essay. This article will give you a starting point so that you can begin today. The professor or instructor will have high expectations and also be very knowledgeable about most business related topics. This means that you must be diligent in choosing a relevant topic and then researching good supporting evidence for it.

Topics: What to Avoid at All Costs

Poor business essay topics can be like a quagmire of quicksand – they can suck you in and take you down to the bottom before you even know it. Avoid these topics – you can’t write a good essay with a bad topic.

The following list gives some poor or weak business topics. They are destined to fail because they are too broad and don’t pose a specific question:

  • Recession is bad;
  • Apple is better than Samsung;
  • Don’t buy products made in China;
  • Gun control laws aren’t fair;
  • Home businesses are increasing;
  • Effective business strategy;

All is not lost! If you have your heart set on a broad topic you can still narrow it down and polish it up into a really great topic, like the following examples:

  • Recession: does an increase in competition spawn growth?
  • How did Samsung marketing outperform that of Apple’s iPhone5?
  • Made in China: has a lax in regulations spelled disaster for international business in China?
  • Gun controls: Have recent changes to the law targeted the right group of people?
  • How has the internet played a role in the increasing trend of home business start-ups?
  • How can small business today apply an effective business strategy to promote growth?

Time to Start the Writing Process

Now that your topic has been chosen and narrowed down into a question, it’s time to begin. Many students wonder, “How to start business essay research?”

Some simple steps to writing your essay:

  1. Research. This is certainly the most time-consuming part of writing the essay. Dedicate as much time as possible to researching and reading the literature that you will use to write your essay.
  2. Write down notes. Writing as you read, using a referencing system will save you a ton of time later. You can use these notes to organize an outline for your paper.
  3. Form an outline of the main ideas. You will use this as a foundation, to build upon as you fill in the details for each main heading.
  4. Write the body. This step is where everything comes together.
  5. Follow a standard business essay format. Make sure that your essay follows all the guidelines set out in the assignment.
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