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We all have been into arguments with our friends, family, and even strangers on different topics. It is not something to feel bad about since every individual has his or her perspective. However, when it comes to writing an argumentative essay things aren’t as simple as they seem. The reason is that you cannot simply argue in the favor or against a topic without providing solid evidence that backs up your claim.

Looking for a topic that is as per your professor’s instruction is, and one that interests you the most is like finding a needle from a haystack. But don’t worry I am here to help you out. Below is a list of 100 plus argumentative essay topics that are not only up-to-date but also are very interesting and debatable. So, let’s just dive into the list of topics so that an essay writer can select the one and kick start your essay writing process.

  1. Are homeopathic medicines better than allopathic medicines?
  2. Impact of reality TV on teens
  3. Does mass media impact an individual’s decision-making abilities?
  4. Is it acceptable for boys to cry?
  5. Women should be paid equal to men
  6. Technology: a distraction?
  7. Are surveillance cameras a threat to privacy?
  8. Abortion: pro-life or prochoice
  9. Is music a form of art?
  10. Tobacco should be banned at school campuses.
  11. Is cheerleading a sport?
  12. Women should be paid equal to men.
  13. Is gun control effective in deterring crimes?
  14. Is graffiti a form of art?
  15. Globalization is killing authenticity.
  16. Should juvenile offenders receive the death penalty?
  17. Should law enforcement officials wear body cameras?
  18. Should felons be allowed to vote?
  19. Are violent video games promoting mass shootings?
  20. Should carrying guns be permitted on college campuses?
  21. Immigrants children must be entitled to free education
  22. Is religion provoking war?
  23. Traditional schooling is better than homeschooling
  24. Euthanasia should be considered illegal.
  25. Does the media portrayal of violence is the reason for the increase in violent crimes?
  26. Social media is the real cause of depression.
  27. Does Shakespeare’s play promote misogyny?
  28. Are printing political cartoons ethically justified?
  29. Why do girls not opt for STEM subjects?
  30. Is standardized testing justified?
  31. Animal testing must be banned
  32. Hunting should be banned
  33. Will eating vegetables help reduce animal killing?
  34. Online shopping is better than hopping from traditional stores
  35. Texting while driving must be considered illegal
  36. Global warming is the cause of climate change
  37. Can humans live on mars?
  38. Is America a melting pot?
  39. Are anti-smoking advertisements effective?
  40. Sugary drinks should be banned
  41. Junk food should be banned
  42. Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?
  43. Is it ethical to eat meat?
  44. What is the perfect age of marrying?
  45. Does smoking alter cognitive patterns in the brain?
  46. Is overeating the only cause of obesity?
  47. Binge eating is making people overweight
  48. Can money buy happiness?
  49. Are women more emotional than men?
  50. Is capital punishment ethically justified?
  51. Are steroids destroying physical health?
  52. Tobacco selling should be banned
  53. Passive smokers more than active smokers
  54. What is the perfect age to vote?
  55. Should criminals be allowed to vote?
  56. Globalization: for and against
  57. Democracy vs dictatorship
  58. Appropriate age for drinking alcohol
  59. Gay-marriages and its impact on society
  60. Corruption is the cause of low wages
  61. Why are politicians considered to be above the law?
  62. Trolling is the cause of depression
  63. Existence of virtual relationships
  64. Cloning should be banned
  65. Cross-cultural marriages and racial tolerance
  66. DC Comics VS Marvel comics
  67. Can money be earned via art?
  68. 3D is better than 2D
  69. Spy applications are a threat to privacy
  70. Spying is a crime
  71. Technology and its impact on students
  72. Internet slangs and discrimination
  73. Technology and modern educational systems
  74. Technology is restricting human imagination
  75. Communism: good or bad
  76. Life sentence vs death penalty
  77. Non-alcoholic drinks should also be banned
  78. Can alcohol destroy the human brain?
  79. College tuition fee is too expensive
  80. Why don’t girls choose STEM subjects?
  81. Is #metoo movement the new feminism?
  82. Co-education is better than single-sex education
  83. The notion behind hate crimes
  84. Why do teens idolize celebrities?
  85. Perfect age to get a tattoo
  86. Should age be a factor in relationships
  87. Social media hindering face to face interactions
  88. Pros and cons of making virtual friends
  89. Cartoons vs movies
  90. Fiction vs nonfiction movies
  91. Chocolate helps improving mood
  92. Do dreams have a symbolic meaning?
  93. How close is reality TV to real life?
  94. Are reality TV shows scripted?
  95. Communism vs capitalism
  96. Online dating vs old school romance
  97. Can videogames be counted as athletes?
  98. Steroids alternatives must be legalized
  99. Betting on sports should be considered illegal
  100. Objectification of female athletes in the media.
  101. Genetic modification of livestock must be banned
  102. Emotional support animals can reduce stress

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